ISH 2009: Solutions For The Sustainable Use Of Water And Energy

The World's Trade Fair for the Bathroom Experience, Building Services, Energy, Air Conditioning Technology and Renewable Energies – in Frankfurt am Main from 10 to 14 March 2009, the industry will show how two valuable resources – water and energy – can be used in buildings in a sustainable and cost-saving way. The fair will revolve around vital questions such as, how can we ensure that everyone has access to clean drinking water? And how can we cut our energy consumption at home to ensure dependable and affordable heating and air-conditioning remain for everyone in the future, too?

"For these questions, the ISH has the right answers. Depending on the country or region, they stand for a wide variety of different challenges. At the world's leading trade fair for the sector in Frankfurt, manufacturers will point out which way is the best for any given set of circumstances. Water and energy – with its concept of holding two fairs at the same time and place, the ISH presents the world's biggest and most comprehensive range of ecologically-friendly solutions", says Dr. Michael Peters, Member of the Board of Management of Messe Frankfurt.

Occupying over 250,000 square metres (gross) or almost all of Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre, the ISH is distinguished by an unbeatable range in terms of both breadth and depth. With around 2,00 ex-hibitors – including all market and technology leaders – and more than 200,000 visitors, Messe Frankfurt expects a result no less positive than that of the previous event in 2007.

Under the motto "Water for People", over 700 exhibitors will present environmentally-friendly, design-oriented bathroom solutions at The Experience Bad, the world's biggest showroom where visitors can see the latest design developments and modern technology tailored to meet today's needs. For the bathroom stands for quality of life, well-being and wellness, and thus makes a direct contribution to health. However, water is also the most important basis for life, a limited resource throughout the world, which calls for sustainable solutions. Accordingly, the sanitation industry will show how water consumption can be reduced using modern devices, how waste water can be treated and turned back into drinking water, and how easy-care materials fitted in the bathroom can reduce the amount of cleaning materials used.

The subject of resource conservation will also be taken up and dealt with in greater detail by a sustainability campaign entitled 'Blue Responsibility', organised by the Federation of German Machinery and Plant Manufacturers (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau – VDMA) and the Sanitation Industry Forum (IndustrieForum Sanitär – IFS). To this end, a multi-media link will be created between the problem areas of international drinking water supplies and the technology of ecologically-friendly sanitation products offered by leading German suppliers. The 'Blue Responsibility' campaign is supported by the German Sanitary Industry Association (Vereinigung der Deutschen Sanitärwirtschaft e.V. – VDS).

Special shows, forums and competitions
In the field of energy, building-services and air-conditioning technology, the industry presents 'green building technologies' – ecologically compatible products that combine energy efficiency, i.e., modern heating and air-conditioning systems, with renewable energies. In this connection, renewable energies are playing an increasingly important role, a fact reflected by the extensive range of products to be seen at the ISH e.g., from solar thermal energy conversion, photovoltaic, biomass, heat pumps, wood and pellet furnaces to solar-aided air-conditioning systems.

Additionally, the complementary programme for the energy and building-services section will go into greater depth about aspects of the range of products on show, e.g., at the ISH Technology and Energy Forum organised by the Association of Ger-many House, Energy and Environmental Technology (Bundesindustrieverband Deutschland Haus-, Energie- und Umwelttechnik e.V. – BDH) and other organisations in Galleria 1 (North) and at the Swed-ish Stove and Tiled Stove Special Show of the German Tiled Stove Working Group (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der deutschen Kachelofenwirtschaft, AdK) in Hall 9.2.

The complementary programme of the air-conditioning sector, which will be held under the Aircontec brand name, will include, for example, the Air Conditioning Forum or-ganised by the Building Climate Institute (Fachinstitut Gebäude- Klima e.V. - FGK) at Congress Centre Messe Frankfurt and the IKK Building Forum of the Association of German Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Companies (Verband Deutscher Kälte-Klima-Fachbetriebe e.V. – VDKF) in Hall 6.2.

Awards for ecologically-compatible products
The importance of sustainability in connection with architecture, technology and design is illustrated by two awards to be presented at the ISH: the Design Plus Award and the Architecture and Technology Innovation Award. The Design Plus Award of Messe Frankfurt, one of Germany's leading design competitions, is awarded for the harmonious combination of sustainability, aesthetics and functionality in products. The Architecture and Technology Innovation Award, which is given by the AIT and Xia architecture magazines in cooperation with Messe Frankfurt, honours the interaction of architects and industrial companies. In this case, too, one of the criteria is the use of products that help to conserve resources. The winning products of both awards will be on show in a special exhibition throughout the ISH.

In 2009, the ISH will also celebrate a very special anniversary, as indicated by the superscript 50 in the ISH logo. "The ISH was launched50 years ago and this is an anniversary that stands for a long success story", says Michael Peters. "During this time, the ISH has carved out a place for itself as the world's biggest exhibition for the sector and always provided answers to current challenges. The concept, the continuity, the venue and the organisations involved are the main factors behind the success of the leading international trade fair."

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