Auto Retro Barcelona

In its 25th anniversary year, Auto Retro Barcelona is preparing an extraordinary exhibition of classic vehicles. For this year's special event the exhibition will be extensive and diversified to include not just motoring in all its variants (collection cars, spare parts, art, etc) but also aeroplanes, boats and motorbikes, making the event this year historical. Auto Retro Barcelona takes place from 4 to 8 December at the MontjuÔc Trade Fair premises in Barcelona, filling Centres 2 and 3 (Plaza Universo) and housing over 300 exhibitors from up to 17 different countries in the 31,000 m2 of total exhibition space.

As well as cars, which are obviously the event's principal focus of interest (including among its many commemorative events the celebration this year of 60 years of Porsche, the 356 model in particular, as well as the popular CitroŽn 2 CV and the centenary of the Ford T), not to be forgotten are the third Nautical Retro and the second Aviation Retro, now regular features of the exhibition and undoubtedly adding to the appeal of this 25th Auto Retro.

Nautical Retro will include an exhibition of boats built by the Barcelona boat builders Indexna during the 50s and 60s. Their 324 m2 stand will include a display of racing boats, one of the highlights of which is a three pointer from 1972 called Luchini, with an Alfa Romeo engine and that was the winner of the legendary Pavia-Venice crossing in 1978. There will be a second three point boat built in Barcelona by the ex-pilot LluŪs Campderŗ. With participation by the AECEM/Club Riva Catalunya, further exhibits include classic motor boats for leisure and new this year is a section devoted to boat purchasing and material related to collector's boats.

Aviation Retro, in collaboration with the Aeronautics Park Foundation of Catalonia (FPAC), will be exhibiting period material under renovation whereby the stand will be converted into a restoration workshop. Stealing the show at this improvised hangar will be a German biplane known as the BŁcker 131 Jungmann from 1934 which is under reconstruction. Auto Retro offers the chance to witness the painstaking restoration of this exhibit. Wooden wings and light metal, fuselage and engines and turbines complete an attractive show of classic aeronautics.

Two wheels in the limelight Motorbikes have also been given a special section at the 25th Auto Retro Barcelona, on this occasion under two main historical themes. The first is in homage to the history of Spanish Trials through a display of motorbikes and the presence of pilots who have recorded milestones in this equilibrium sport. Exhibits include the first mass produced off road bike by Bultaco, the Sammy Miller Sherpa; one of the most aesthetic trial bikes ever built and the first to take the nickname Cota, the Montesa Cota 247 MKI; the Gas Gas TXT Contact with which Jordi Tarrťs won his fifth world title; and an Ossa Mick Andrews replica, as well as many other exhibits giving a global demonstration of Spanish names in this sport.

There will also be an exhibition of two stroke street bikes from the early 80s and which, a quarter of a century later, have already become classics. Aided by Club Honda MBX and Club Yamaha RB, around 20 bikes will be exhibited in representation of the main 80 and 125 cc bike construction names, with an anthology of the sector in competitions through a retrospective of the Solo Moto Criterium and its champions.

Auto Retro Barcelona 2008 will be open from 4 to 8 December non-stop from 10 am to 8pm. Entry is 15 euros fo adults and 5 euros for children between 8 and 14 accompanied by an adult.

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