More Business Opportunities For The Tourism Industry

This year, Travel Turkey Izmir Exhibition and Conference, one of the most important gatherings of the tourism industry in Turkey, will create more business opportunities for Turkish tourism operators with its increasing foreign participants and buyers. The exhibition will take place between November 27-30, at the International Exhibition Area of Izmir. The exhibition, which will host thousands of professionals, executives, tour operators, agencies, hotels and employees of the tourism industry coming from different countries and regions, offers unique opportunity to develop new business and relations.

In 2008, the exhibition will be organized for the second time at the Exhibition Area of Izmir and get Turkish tourism operators together with foreign exhibitors coming from 15 countries and more than 200 buyers invited from 18 countries with a special program.

15 countries, which will be hosted as exhibitors by Travel Turkey 2008 are as follows: Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brasilia, Georgia, India, UK, Iran, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Syria, Tanzania, Tunus and Greece. Tourism professionals coming from these countries aim to cooperate with Turkish companies.

The "Hosted Buyers" program, organized since many years enabling foreign buyers to see the tourism potential of Turkey, will be treated this year in a more comprehensive way. Within the frame of the "Hosted Buyers" program, under the sponsorship of Turkish Airlines and Hilton Izmir, more than 200 foreign buyers, who are expected to come from Europe as well as from the surrounding countries, the Middle East and Balkans will be hosted for 4 days in Izmir and taken to Ephesus to learn the surrounding of the Izmir during a-day tour.

The buyers are expected to come from following 18 countries: Bahrain, Belgium, Belarus United Arab Emirates, France, UK, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Latvia, Lebanon, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Russia, Yemen and Greece.

The workshop area, to be set up at the exhibition will provide face-to-face meetings of foreign buyers with Turkish tourism operators at certain days and hours of the exhibition. This business platform aims to enable local and foreign tourism operators to establish business relations on a professional environment and to sign contracts increasing the tourism income of the country.

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