Skillsoft Offers Free Access To Courses To Help Stamp Out Bullying

SkillSoft, a global leader in e-learning solutions, is supporting Ban Bullying at Work Day on 7 November 2008 by offering complimentary access to three courses designed to help employees tackle workplace bullying, harassment and aggression.

Ban Bullying at Work Day is organised by the Andrea Adams Trust and aims to raise awareness of harassment issues people face at work.

Entitled 'Difficult People in the Workplace'; 'Harassment at Work' and 'Working with Aggressive People', the courses discuss bullying issues faced by both large and small organisations. They can be accessed online at anytime - completely anonymously and without the need to go through any registration process.

Each course is free-of-charge and unabridged, containing three to four hours of instruction if completed in one session, although people typically opt to just dip in and out to find the information they need.

Explaining SkillSoft's decision to open up these courses, Kevin Young, Managing Director of SkillSoft EMEA says: "Whether malicious or not, bullying in the workplace has a negative impact on people's lives both in and out of the workplace. It affects UK productivity too not surprising, a recent survey by the Ban Bullying at Work foundation found that 56 per cent of those surveyed feel that bullying in their workplace is a very serious problem.

"Most concerning of all is where people feel they have to leave their jobs as a result of the bullying behaviour they are experiencing. Couple the ongoing war for talent with rising recruitment costs, and it's not difficult to understand the financial argument that also exists with respect to this growing issue."

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