Social Networking World Forum Announces Leading Speakers

The Social Networking World Forum event located at Olympia Conference Centre, London on the 9th and 10th March 2009, has just announced its preliminary speaker line up.

The event has already attracted a range of social networks, global brands and communication companies to speak including: MySpace, Bebo, Linkedin, P&G, Plaxo, British Airways, Netlog, Stardoll, Wayn, Reunion, Gurgle, Cadburys, Habbo Hotel plus many more.

Leading speakers announced include Anthony Lukom Managing Director, MySpace UK; Lorenz Bogaert, CEO, Netlog. Kate Burns, Managing Director & Vice President, Europe for Bebo & People Networks. Timo Soininen, Chief Executive Officer, Sulake Corporation, Habbo Hotel. Jeffrey Tinsley, CEO, Emma Jenkins, Head of Interactive Marketing, Procter & Gamble UK. Jerome Touze, Co-founder & Co-CEO of Michael Donnelly, Director-Global Interactive Marketing, the Coca-Cola Company. Todd Masonis, Co-Founder, Plaxo; Frances Dovey, Interactive & Emerging Media Manager, Cadburys.

"Social Networks are evolving and impacting consumers, businesses and advertisers in a variety of ways. We are seeing social networks emerge on almost a daily bases" said Mark Johnstone, Director of Six Degrees Ltd. "We are delighted to also compliment this event with a 2 day mobile social networking conference, harnessing this latest movement in the social networking industry."

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