The Numismata Frankfurt

The Numismata in Frankfurt takes place on November 8 and 9 for the fourth time. Collectors from France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have discovered that the way to this show is not too far. More than 160 dealers will offer their coins and banknotes in the exhibition hall featuring about 2.500 square meters and a famous daylight praised by customers and dealers. The international attendance augments every year. The reason may be that the flight connections are excellent.

There is something very special for all visitors of Numismata Frankfurt. Every ticket contains a coin of Pope John Paul II. Munich, Berlin or Frankfurt, every NUMISMATA is a collector's paradise. Only reputed dealers are coming.

They are offering a broad choice of coins, medals, paper money and antiquities from all over the world. This is not by accident. The organizer Erich Modes is willing to give only the reliable companies access to NUMISMATA. Let us quote his application form. Here you can read in article 3: "The exhibitor binds himself to commercially sound and impeccable business. ...

We concern it fraud to offer imitations or fakes. We also prohibit from offering Euro essays, Euro imitations and medals struck after 1970, which could be mistaken for coins. ..." It's a fact, that Erich Modes has expelled exhibitors, when he noted that somebody was acting against this article. He cares for the quality of "his" dealers and for the protection of all NUMISMATA visitors. The collectors return thank to him by coming regularly. Perhaps you would like to join!

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