Imagina: A Unique Seminar Day

Since the birth of 3D, the most memorable and spectacular digital imagery has always come from the film industry. So this year, IMAGINA is featuring an exceptional seminar day where world-renowned experts from Media&Entertainment will demonstrate how their unique know-how can be applied to visualization, architectural, or urban planning films.

And more importantly, they will show how to transform computer-generated images into an incredibly powerful storytelling tool that will make your industry films impressively stand out from your competition. And this, by teaming their intrinsic graphic quality with what makes film and advertising work so effective: emotion and seduction.

A not-to-be-missed, truly unique event in Europe, featuring speakers from The Picture Production Company, a global leader feature film trailer production, Mikros Image and Snarx-FX, two key Parisian post-production studios for feature films and advertising, and Eric Hanson from Visura Imaging, an architect turned digital set designer for some of the biggest American blockbuster films. Each conference will precisely target your own industry's specific needs.

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