Numerous New Models Of Inflatables, Ribs And Mid-length Cruisers

The growing interest in inflatable boats and ribs, the increase in ranges of motor fisher-cruisers, the big presence of runabouts under 7.5 metre and the wide array of new models of mid size to large sailboats are general traits of the Boat Show. One of the trends at this year's show is the joystick system, which makes mooring easier in small and mid-size motor yachts. Many manufacturers are also opting for models which cause less contamination. Some shipyards are inclined towards the study of hybrid propulsion systems which combine electricity with low-consumption diesel engines. We will soon see a greater generalisation of these systems which are already being applied in some models.

With regard to motor boats, there is growing interest for inflatable boats and ribs. Spanish shipyards are also especially active and internationally competitive in the fisher-cruiser segment and many are exhibiting new models to complete their ranges, making them more comfortable and functional, especially in the 9 to 12-metre range.

This year, there is also an impressive display of boats under 7.5 metres, which only require the title of Basic Sailing Skipper for both sail and motor versions and are exempt from registration tax. There are numerous new models of mid-size family cruiser, with or without flybridge, in which both volume and habitability have been optimised and the adoption of joystick systems is growing.

There are many new models of small and mid-size motor boats designed for day sailing and water sports -open or cabined- with wide ranges of engines to suit family or sports programmes. Production of mid size to large convertible sports boats with electric sliding roofs, which leave the main deck completely uncovered, continues to increase.

Lastly, the majority of new sailboats are from 10 to 16 metres, continuing the trend of availability in this mid size to large range. In addition to the incorporation of the latest equipment to provide comfort on board, shipyards are mainly using vacuum resin infusion which, among other things, prevents emission of contaminants in the atmosphere during the lamination process.

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