Mould Eurasia 2009 Is Approaching!

Mould Eurasia 2009, Bursa 3rd Mould Technologies and Side Industry Fair will be organized by Tuyap Bursa Fairs Organization Inc. in cooperation with Prestij Publication and in support with UKUB International Mould Producers Union, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with BURSA AUTOTECHNICS 2009, 2nd Automotive Related Industry, Garage and Service Equipment, Gas Station Equipments and LPG Systems Fair between May 7-10, 2009 at Tuyap Bursa International Fair and Congress Center.

Bursa Mould 2007 hosted 19.561 visitors from 22 countries such as Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Russia, Korea, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Israel, Portugal, Senegal, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kosovo, Tajikistan, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Mongolia and more than 20 cities that have industrial concentration in Turkey. The fair performed successfully with the participation of 374 leading companies of the sector including representatives from 19 countries at 4 exhibition halls in 25.000 square meters closed area.

In the fair which will be held at 4 exhibition halls, Mould Manufacturers � Automotive Related Industry � Autotechnics at Hall 1, Mould & Die Processing Machinery and Mould & Die Processing Machinery at Hall 2, Mould & Die Processing Machinery and Mould & Die Industry at Hall 3 and Mould Manufacturers and PDM / PLM (New Product Development Special Section) at Hall 4 is going to be exhibited.

Mould Eurasia 2009, which is the most comprehensive fair in our country, is going to be organized together with The European Conference of ISTMA � International Special Tooling and Machining Association. It is an exceptional opportunity for the publicity of Turkish Mould Industry and will distract world mould industry producers� attention to Turkey Mould Industry. The fair will be also visited by the members of the Mould Mecca � Korea Mould Makers Union.

The seminars, in which the foreign and domestic academics, industrialists, engineers and sector professionals will be invited as conferenciers, will give a handle to the visitors concerned to make an inquiry about the sector in Mould Eurasia 2009.

The participants will give comprehensive information in PDM � PLM presentation area during the fair. The people concerned will find all the answers to the questions about PDM / PLM and Prototype Systems and Services in the fair.

The scope of Mould Eurasia 2009 is as follows; Mould Making Solutions: Cutting Moulds, Friction Moulds, Pres Moulds, Extrusion Moulds, Metal Injection Moulds, Thermoform Moulds, Plaster Moulds, Plastic Injection Moulds, Blowing Moulds, Model Moulds, Rubber Injection Moulds, EPS Moulds, Sheet Metal Moulds, Glass Moulds, Die Casting Moulds, Forging Moulds, Vacuum Moulds, Modeling, Mould Processing and Manufacturing Machines and Equipments: Vertical Machining Centers, Horizontal Machining Centers, Bridge Type Machining Centers, Milling Machines, Drills, Patterning and Engraving Machines, Bohrwerks, Grinding Machines, EDM Technologies and Equipments, Presses, Band Saw Machines, Plastic Machines, Prototype Machines, Plasma-Water Jet and Arc Cutting Machines, CNC Control Units, Mould Exchangers.

Moulds Care and Repairing Services: Mould Welding, Mould Polishing, Mould Heat Treatments, Mould Surface Treatments, Mould and Technical Hardware Equipments: Propulsive and Column Pins, Nuts and Bolts, Mould Springs, Mould Bushes, Mould Sets, Cutters and Holders, Mould Polishing Equipments, Mould Fixing Equipments, Cutter Driller Punches, Measurement Equipments, Hot-Runner Systems and Equipments, Resistance Equipments, Mould Cooling Equipments, Semi-Products and Raw Materials: Plastic Raw, Chemicals, Mould Manufacturing and Caring Chemicals, Mould Steels, Aluminium for Moulds, Silicone, Epoxy, Resins, Powder Metallurgic and Sintering Products, Computer Aided Design.

Engineering and Manufacturing Applications: CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM, PLM, Simulation, Prototyping � Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling, 3D Measurement and Digitizing, Mould Design, Industrial Product Design, motor, motor parts, equipments and parts, clutch, transmission and parts, back part axle, armature and swing, mono block automobile body, transporter and chassis parts, steering wheel and brake parts, automobile rubber parts, automobile plastic parts, suspension parts, motor electric systems, automobile body and heating system, passenger cabin equipments, incabin covering, flooring and flattery groups, motor hood parts and doors, automobile window and parts, air feding and fuel oil systems, lubrication and cooling systems, radiators, heaters, coolers and air conditioner, catalytic convector and exhaust systems, starter and firing systems, electric and electronic equipments, lightening (headlight and signal) parts, tires, Standard parts (clips, roller bearings, rugs) and other parts.

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