Viscom Offers Digital Signage Seminars In Switzerland, Austria..

With a total of six digital signage seminars viscom expands its activities in this sector. In one-day specialist seminars in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, interested persons can learn about the opportunities, risks and practical implementation of digital signage. Attention will be given to four areas of application. The starting signal for the digital signage seminars will sound on 2 December 2008 in Berlin. Here the focus will be on Digital Signage Applications for the Hospitality and MICE Market. The target group is primarily the hotel and restaurant sector, which can make orientation easier for its visitors by installing digital routing systems and room signage.

In four locations – in Munich, Vienna, Zurich and Hamburg – attention will be on Digital Signage Applications in the Retail Sector between February and May 2009. In this sector digital signage media can selectively support sales processes and marketing strategies close to the point of sale, thus providing a flexible alternative to conventional information carriers. During the seminars, one focus will be on introducing possible solutions devised by practitioners in the field, another will be a concise summary of the process of planning a Digital Signage application for the retail sector.

Increasingly, digital media content is used for advertising purposes. This is taken into account by the seminar on Digital Signage Applications in Creative Design to be held on 5 May 2009 in Düsseldorf. This is an offer primarily for advertising, Internet and media agencies.

On 16 June 2009, a seminar in Frankfurt catering primarily for architects and planning professionals will deal with Digital Signage Applications on Buildings. Flexible information systems form part of the visual appearance of modern buildings today. The integration of such holistic spatial concepts poses new challenges to architects and professional planners.

Seminar leaders will be Bernhard Baer, corporate consultant specialising in digital media solutions, and Thomas Dockter, proprietor of the marketing service provider Dockter Marketing, who already realised a number of signage projects in buildings. These lecturers will be assisted by guest speakers specialising in the respective fields.

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