Tendence 2009 The Tradition-rich Name Wins Through!

Tendence 2009 the tradition-rich name wins through! New July schedule gains exhibitor and visitor acceptance. An event for every season. From 2009, the most important consumer-goods fair in the second half of the year will once again be staged under the name Tendence International Frankfurt Autumn Fair. Messe Frankfurt came to this decision in mid-October, following in-depth discussions with represen-tatives from trade and industry. In addition, the event will continue to take place at the beginning of July.

Dr. Michael Peters, Member of the Board of Management of Messe Frankfurt GmbH, explained the reasons for this decision: "In these difficult times for the economy, values like trust, security and trans-parency are in increasing demand. We see ourselves as reliable partners for our customers, exhibitors and visitors. By placing special emphasis on the already established name Tendence, we are under-scoring the values which define the event and for which it already en-joys the trust of our customers",

New schedule gains acceptance
Tendence continues to be a major ordering and new product event not just for the autumn season but for the winter and Christmas trad-ing season, too. Following an exhaustive interview and coordination process involving exhibitors, visitors and the International Tendence Strategy Commission, this year's fair was brought forward from the end of August to the beginning of July. Changes in retail ordering cy-cles were the major drivers behind this important new step. All the relevant exhibitor bodies and trade association reconfirmed this deci-sion following this year's event with the result that the next Tendence is again scheduled to take place in July (3 to 7 July 2009).

Products for every season
The Collectione Preview Spring & Summer trade fair within the Tendence framework will continue to focus on the spring and summer collections for the following year. The Gifts & Season and Outdoor Living product groups will also form part of the trade fair.

The Young Living theme will no longer feature as an independent fair theme. Products for young, contemporary living will still be on show at Tendence, most importantly in the Young & Trendy und Loft product areas. Work is currently underway on the concept for The Design An-nual 2009.

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