Clickatell Wins Best Value Product 2008 From Mobile Industry Review

Clickatell, leading global provider of mobile messaging solutions, announced it won first place in Mobile Industry Review's 2008 Awards 'Best Value Product' category. Runners up in the category include Google Maps, SpinVox, 3 Pay As You Go, Mippin and others. The 2008 MIR awards recognized over a dozen industry leaders in a variety of global mobile service categories. To view Clickatell's Best Value Product announcement please Click Here.

"In these economic times, organizations of all sizes are looking to save money, remain profitable, and exceed customer expectations. Therefore, this acknowledgement of Clickatell as the Best Value mobile services offering this year is quite significant, " said Pieter de Villiers, Clickatell's CEO. "Since 2000, Clickatell has focused on ensuring its solutions are easy to provision and quick to deploy for high-value mobile services for an incredibly broad range of developers and customers including thousands of businesses, banks, social communities, and governments worldwide."

Ewan McLeod, MIR's founder commented, "Clickatell provides the best service for developers and others looking for a quick and easy solution to deploy SMS for a variety of applications from banking to social networking to mobile marketing to healthcare to education and many other industries. Organizations - large and small - can easily get started right away. We look forward to tracking Clickatell's success and watching them continue to grow the mobile market as they offer excellent services to customers around the world."

"Clickatell's messaging solutions are extremely easy to integrate into existing applications and offer the most effective SMS service available today, " commented Chris Rolfe, CEO of Mobilitrix. "The proven model further allows our customers to rapidly integrate mobile into their marketing strategies with superior global messaging connectivity."

Cell phones have become the dominant device for commercial transactions and communications and leading businesses, communities and governments are integrating messaging solutions into a wide variety of customer facing applications. Given the sheer ubiquity of mobile phone use across the world, organizations are looking for ways to reach end users on their mobile phones anytime, anywhere. Because SMS is easy to use and built in on all cell phones without need for extra downloads or cell phone modifications, it provides an ideal way to cost effectively reach the vast majority of customers and drive mobile communications and increase positive results.

Clickatell Messaging Solutions: Setting the Industry Standard for Value, Ease-of-Use. Clickatell maintains a full suite of high value, easy-to-use messaging solutions and applications uniquely designed to meet the needs of a variety of key segments:

Personal Users: Messaging solutions for individuals wanting to text family and friends anywhere in the world from the office, home or on the move.
Small and Medium Sized Businesses: Clickatell helps SMBs keep in touch with employees, suppliers and customers. SMS can also be employed to control stock and logistics, deploy manpower and market products or services to the world.
Large Enterprises: SMS solutions for internal and customer facing mobile solutions. Clickatell guarantees accurate, secure and trackable delivery of large volume, mission-critical messages to any audience, anytime, no matter how widely or remotely located.
Specific Industry Solutions: Whatever the industry, Clickatell solutions can help control costs and drive revenue. SMS is being used to communicate with customers and employees and is automated to send alerts for a variety of markets including banking, education, healthcare, social communities, and more.
IT/Mobile Application Developer Solutions: Clickatell's Developer Solutions allows any organization to SMS-enable any website or application via a wide range of API's.

Clickatell Messaging Solutions allow businesses, communities and governments to send and receive any message, anywhere to any mobile phone in the world. Its award-winning messaging services and applications ensure reliable delivery, and its global coverage provides reach to ~700 mobile networks in ~200 countries.

Upholding industry guidelines and best practices, Clickatell provides multiple online support channels. Highly trained technical staff efficiently addressing the specific needs of developers is on call for assistance 24x7x365 and Service Level Agreements guarantee reliability, speed of service delivery and service uptime.

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