International Business Forum MultiPlay-2008

International Business Forum MultiPlay-2008 will be held by Groteck in November in Moscow. It is the main professional event in paid TV and multiservice network industry. Organizer: Association of cable TV in Russia and Groteck Business Media in partnership with the operators and producers. MultiPlay is the unique event in Russia for operators of cable TV and multiservice network. It focuses on business practices' discussions and its technologies: Investments and returns; Income and content cost; Capitalization increasing and cost savings; Extra advertisement incomes (or subsidiary incomes) and service promotion.

Last year the stunning figures of cable TV and broadband access industry had met in Forum MultiPlay-2007: Key players of "Big Four" of media market (Komkor-TV AKADO, Multiregion, ER-Telecom Holding, Mass Media System); Grand winners of regional market (Norils-Telecom, Severstal-Infocom); -Representatives of leading telecommunication operators (Sinterra, Transtelecom, Rostelecom, North-West Telecom, CentreTelecom, Central Telegraph Office and other companies); City and house networks operators.

There is a list of main discussion at Forum MultiPlay-2008:

How to make invests on TV and not to bankrupt?
How to fight ARPU reduction?
How to increase the subscribers' loyalty?
What is the best way to provide returns for cable operators?
For what is the subscriber ready to pay and when he will never pay?
Which modern technologies will be popular in Russia?

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