Broadband Forum Launches Latest Technical Release At Telco TV

To demonstrate the benefits of the Broadband Forum's latest technical standards, captured in the BroadbandSuite Release 3.0, a special interactive industry Showcase, "Relax- You're Connected", will be presented at this year's Telco TV 2008.

This multi-vendor Showcase is a first for Telco TV. It will walk attendees through the Broadband ecosystem and core-to-home network, explaining the latest advancements and options available for service providers to optimize their networks. The Showcase will be divided into three main areas: Access Acceleration, Mock NOC and the BroadbandHome.

This showcase is supported by ADTRAN; ClearAccess; Corning Cable; Systems; Ericsson; Juniper Networks; Motive; Motorola; Occam Networks.

The Access Acceleration area, supported by ADTRAN, Ericsson, Juniper Networks and Occam Networks, will highlight DSL and PON network equipment, as well as Broadband Services Routing technologies, which meet the real world need for speed, and also focus on the latest options and techniques for meeting the bandwidth and quality requirements of today's multi-media home. As providers strive to serve their full customer base, and fiber and wireless takes root in the network, this exhibit will take attendees through the latest architecture blueprints for developing a single network architecture-hybrid access solution.

The Mock NOC, supported by ClearAccess, Motive and Motorola, will demonstrate the valuable tools provided to Network Operation Centers (NOC) via Auto-configuration Servers, focusing on ensuring personalized Quality of Experience (QoE), and digital home remote provisioning and management. This area is key to streamlining and automating customer equipment support and therefore reducing the maintenance costs associated with today's broadband network.

The final section of the exhibit will be dedicated to the BroadbandHome, supported by ClearAccess and Motorola. This area will provide a look at the progress that has been made merging innovation and standards to better serve the digital home market. Special attention will be given to the standards that are simplifying and expediting IPTV deployments around the world and to the many devices and companies that are taking important steps to improve home device activation and support.

"The Broadband Forum's 'Relax- You're Connected' showcase is a compelling addition to TelcoTV's expansive exhibition. It's illustrative of the comprehensive converged broadband ecosystem that will convene in Anaheim for TelcoTV, " says Bernie Arnason, TelcoTV Chairman.

"Release 3.0 is a key release for the Broadband Forum as it demonstrates how our work continues to set the bar higher for network and application performance in line with the needs of the broadband customer, " explains George Dobrowski, Chairman and President of the Broadband Forum.

"With better utilization and speed drawn from the DSL infrastructure, and with the seamless incorporation of fiber into the standard architecture and management platform of the service provider, there is greater efficiency, performance and potential for the future of broadband. Thank you to all of the members who are driving the development of Release 3.0 and to all those at Telco TV who are helping to make this exhibit as fun and educational as possible."

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