AIRTEC 2008 – International Aerospace Supply Fair

The value-added chain changes. The aerospace suppliers face enormous challenges. Against this background an independent trade show like AIRTEC is becoming more and more important. AIRTEC 2008, taking place November 11 – 14, 2008 at the Exhibition Center Frankfurt is more than ever the meeting-point of the entire international supply industry for aerospace in the direct dialogue with first tier suppliers and OEMs. The third AIRTEC presents itself ynamic, with new ideas and features, it continues growing and raises its internationality.

This year, well-known providers of tools, components and engineering-services who are entering in the aerospace industry or who intend to expand their business in this sector, are present in a great number. But also well-known and leading companies from the segments production, engineering, components and systems and lifecycle support have booked stand space at AIRTEC. New important companies from the segments components and production have been gained as exhibitors.

Italy: Guest Country at AIRTEC 2008
Italy is guest country at AIRTEC 2008. 100 to 150 companies from all Italian regions of all sectors of the aerospace industry, among them providers of components, composites, production, engineering, suppliers for Boeing and Airbus, exhibit at a joint surface of 400 to 500 sqm and demonstrate their products, services, competences and know-how. Among the exhibitors are Finmeccanica, who will be present with its purchasing.

New! Theme park Aerospace Composite World
The dynamic technological development in aircraft manufacturing makes composites to one of the most important materials in construction of aircrafts. The new theme park Aerospace Composite World at the centre of AIRTEC is in the focus of attention this year and promises to become a highlight of AIRTEC 2008: It covers all product areas from composites, CFK, prepregs, composite tructures, components, up to procedures and applications.

The theme park aims at providing a very special exhibition area within AIRTEC to suppliers, manufacturers and users of composite structures and offering an international platform to enable all participants, exhibitors and visitors to exchange information and knowledge and to make new contacts and develop new composite projects. Visitors are all important users from the aerospace industry, who already apply composites or plan to increase their application, like design engineers, purchasers of OEMs and parts from the entire aerospace industry. Important exhibitors from numerous countries, like Saertex, Scholz Maschinenbau, Aerostruktur Faserverbundtechnik, Fiberforge from the USA and the CFK Valley Stade e.V. exhibit here at Aerospace Composite World.

3rd International Conference "Supply on the wings" receives a high level of response The third international conference "Supply on the wings", which is held under the motto "Aerospace – The driver for the Industry" will be embedded in the theme park "Aerospace Composite World". The three-day English-spoken conference covers all aspects of current and future aerospace products: Composite structures, metallic structures, improved simulation, engines, systems and components, aerospace supply chain. Although the conference considers all relevant aerospace materials the main focus this year is on composite structures.

The full programme contains more than 60 lectures. Highlights are three high-level keynote lectures from Airbus, Boeing and the European Commission, as well as invited presentations from Boeing, Israel Aircraft Industries, Rolls Royce, Hitco, Polish University of Science, Warsaw University and the German Center for Aerospace DLR. The conference "Supply on the wings" is an ideal meeting point for experts from the areas R&D, engineering, project management, production and similar business segments and members of executive boards. The conference is chaired by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Richard Degenhardt of the PFH Göttingen and the DLR; Vice Chairman is Dr. Trevor Young of the University of Limerick in Ireland.

UAV World takes off for the second time
After its successful premiere at AIRTEC 2008, UAV World with exhibition, conference and a flight competition takes off for the second time. Exhibitors of UAV World are manufacturers of unmanned aerial systems, companies of the supply and manufacturing industry from Germany and abroad, as well as scientific institutions.

The German Federal Office of Defence Technology (BWB) exhibits again this year at this special theme park, presenting applications and exhibits from EADS and other companies. The conference will be chaired again by Professor Dr.-Ing. Peter Vörsmann from the Institute of Aerospace Systems of the Technical University in Germany. One focus of this year's two day conference "The Future of UAV Systems" will be UAV systems for urban and indoor environments. The second focus will be on future applications of unmanned vehicles.

Furthermore all aspects relating to UAV's such as design and operations including sense and avoid, sensors, communication and payload equipment will be highlighted.

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