Chillventa 2008: Brief Closing Report

Euphoric mood in Nürnberg: Chillventa 2008, the International Trade Fair for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Heat Pumps, celebrated a brilliant premiere from 15-17 October 2008: Almost 30, 000 trade visitors from all over the world were interested in the products and services offered by the 804* exhibitors from 43 countries. "It is absolutely exceptional for a newly announced exhibition to be more or less catapulted from nought to a hundred within slightly less than two years. This is only possible if the industry closely identifies itself with a new exhibition, " says a delighted Walter Hufnagel, Member of the Management Board of NürnbergMesse.

The basic tenor of the exhibitors and visitors at Chillventa was a high level of satisfaction: "The industry has presented a self-assured image at the first Chillventa, which was made clear by the size and presentation quality of many stands at the exhibition, " says a pleased Gabriele Hannwacker, Exhibition Director of Chillventa. "What many dedicated organizations and individual figures wanted has now been created, namely a high-quality exhibition in their field that reflects their ideas and concepts to a large extent.

Industrial heat pumps, which in Nürnberg were covered for the first time at an exhibition, got off to an outstanding start. "We and our partners will intensively devote our attention to this important energy topic in future, " says Walter Hufnagel.

The comprehensive supporting programme that started the day before the exhibition was also successful: Some 600 international participants attended the symposia and forums.

The variety of the supporting programme covered the spectrum of the international refrigeration and air conditioning industry: from absorption refrigeration, natural refrigerants, energy efficiency, heat recovery, commercial and industrial refrigeration, energy-efficient fans, refrigeration in the food trade and reduction of CO2 in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to the use of heat pumps.

Energy efficiency – the key issue at the exhibition
The more than 800 exhibitors and the many forums and events at the first Chillventa international exhibition in Nürnberg have clearly shown that the substantial improvements in energy efficiency of ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning systems and heat pumps required for environmental aspects can be achieved without difficulty with modern systems, without adversely affecting the appropriate operation or performance of the systems.

This trend could be observed in all Chillventa segments: in ventilation and air conditioning systems for office and commercial buildings, in refrigeration systems for supermarkets and industry, and in smaller air conditioning systems for single houses and apartment blocks.

Mainly responsible for efficiency improvements are the latest energy-saving plant components, the increasingly employed energy and heat recovery, and control systems that optimize the operation of ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning plants and continually adapt them to the actual requirement. Heat pumps – including devices switchable to cooling mode – will make a considerable future contribution to achieving the environmental protection targets stipulated in many laws and regulations on energy-saving heating and air conditioning of buildings. The easily installed and comparatively low-cost heat pumps that use outside air as heat source are regarded as having especially good market prospects.

The next Chillventa takes place in Nürnberg from 13-15 October 2010.

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