Increasing Turnover And Orders For The Mechanics Made In Italy

The Italian mechanical field gets on running, with 72% of entrepreneurs who report a positive trend in the first six months of 2008, increasing orders (according to 33%) or similar to the same period of 2007 (according to 39%). And, for the second half of the year forecasts are positive and orders will increase, according to 43% or they will remain the same according to 20%. These figures also affect the 2008 turnover that is expected to increase according to 43% of interviewees and will remain the same according to 21% (always compared to 2007).

These are the important data of a survey carried out on a sample of 150 companies belonging to the mechanical and automation field, during MECSPE, the International Exhibition of skilled mechanics, organized by Senaf and scheduled from March the 19th to 21st 2009 at Fiere di Parma. An event that will be dedicated to the manufacturing industry to promote new ideas and meet the different production needs. That will be possible thanks to the "Working areas", a number of initiatives enabling to see the working machines and all the different steps of production, from the design to the final product. Let's also add the "Excellence Squares" where, starting from the final product, all the best and most "excellent" production activities will be put together, to produce a single final product such as a car, a washing machine or a motorbike.

"Although the present particular economic situation, the Italian mechanical field is still strong and lets out trustful signals, as it is shown by MECSPE survey – states Emilio Bianchi, Director of Senaf –. 33% of interviewees think that orders and turnover will increase in the first six months of the year and 35% of them think they will be steady, thus an optimistic view is now featuring one of the most important industries in our country. These data are directly taken from the concerned industry and support the development of Made in Italy, either at a National level or at an International one".

Getting back to the survey carried out by the Marketing Centre on behalf of MECSPE, even the forecast concerning the number of people and companies that operate in this field is expected to increase, according to 24% of interviewees, while employees are expected to remain steady according to 66% of the interviewed sample. Regarding the training that is offered to working people, 43% of interviewed companies have already invested on this field in the first six months of the year and, among these, 15% used internal personnel, 16% external advisors and 13% relied on external bodies for their training. Workers and skilled technicians were mainly trained (86%), followed by employees (8%), managers (3%) and top managers (3%).

Another aspect that was analysed concerns safety. 84% of interviewees declares that a person in charge with prevention and protection (RSPP) is available in each company and 59% knows the most important sections of the recent Comprehensive Text on Safety (LD 81/2008), while 31% relies on the person in charge with updating procedures. Moreover 45% states that a number of investments on safety of working places have already been undertaken or they are going to be undertaken soon, with an increasing trend of investments according to 70% and a steady one according to 30%.

MECSPE, the International exhibition of skilled mechanics organized by Senaf has reached its eighth edition and has been the protagonist of important changes and developments these years regarding the number of visitors (+77%) exhibitors (+57%), with a thousand concerned companies that represent 20 Countries in the world (among which China, Japan, United States, Saudi Arabia, Turkey…). These are important figures that are added to what has already been shown at the last edition in 2008: 42thousand square metres of exhibition area, 22 working areas, 12 meetings, 23 lectures, 22 Squares and thematic Avenues and 27 associations and bodies that actively support the whole event.

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