LifeScience Alley(TM) Conference & Expo

LifeScience Alley announced that seven life science organizations from around the Upper Midwest will be exhibiting novel technologies at the association's Annual Conference on December 10 as part of the New Technology Showcase. Three of these organizations will be presenting their technologies/products during the mid-morning President's General Session. The goal of the New Technology Showcase is to highlight leading life science technologies with the potential to greatly impact healthcare delivery. The three presenting organizations Cardious, Inc. (St. Paul, MN), EchoMetrix LLC (Mount Horeb, WI), and NanoInterventions LLC (St. Paul, MN) will be showcasing a minimally invasive aortic valve replacement therapy, a soft-tissue injuries ultrasound device, and a mouse stent model for cardiovascular therapy screening, respectively.

These organizations will be joined in the New Technology Showcase exhibit area by the other finalists: Immunochemistry Technologies LLC (Bloomington, MN), Kinexum Metabolics (Burnsville, MN), NeoChord, Inc. (Minnetonka, MN), and Vasamed, Inc. (Eden Prairie, MN). These finalists will be showcasing a non-invasive fluorescent detection probe for live animal imaging, a peptide that stimulates stem cells in the pancreas to develop into normal insulin secreting tissue, a minimally invasive device to treat mitral valve regurgitation, and a Peripheral Arterial Disease non-invasive diagnostic testing technology, respectively.

Steve Mertens, Sr. Vice President of Research and Development with the Cardiovascular division at Boston Scientific (who is sponsoring the New Technology Showcase), said, "We focus our efforts on developing and delivering innovative solutions at Boston Scientific. Identifying and highlighting breakthrough technology is important to driving the life science industry."

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