Mode Heim Handwerk 2008

An excursion into the world of the Wild West, fascinating, trendy fashion shows, everything for renovation and furnishings, tips and products for hobbies and leisure and no end of action and fun for children: As a unique shopping experience for the whole family, Mode Heim Handwerk will welcome its visitors to Messe Essen on November 1-9.

At the largest consumer fair in North Rhine-Westphalia, around 700 exhibitors will present tips, trends and great offers in the sections called Christmastown, Fashion & Beauty, Housing & Living, Hobby & Leisure, Building, Renovation & Garden as well as Culinary & Practical. The "Wild West" special show will invite the visitors to a voyage of discovery through the world of the American Indians. On November 7-9, the Body & Health fair will take place parallel to Mode Heim Handwerk.

The visitors will be able to follow the trail of the American Indians in the "Wild West" special show. Fair Hall 4 will become the land of the Native Americans. A real tepee village will show how the American Indians lived in the practically and cosily furnished tents. The falconer Husky Linz will present noble birds of prey. Several times per day, the Cheyenne American Indian Hunting Wolf will give insights into the culture of his people in his shows; his dances reflect the varied history and the pride of the American Indian tribes.

Of course, the visitors will also be able to buy jewellery made by the American Indians in the "Wild West". Children will be allowed to transform themselves into gold washers, to throw horseshoes or to rotate lassos like a cowboy. The legendary Route 66 will also make a stop at Mode Heim Handwerk with ten select trikes and six Harley Davidsons with gleaming chrome for the modern cowboy of the road. The airbrusher Matthias "Maze" Wagner will decorate motorcycles live on the spot.

Ideas for Fashion and Jewellery

Fashionable clothing from winter coats via leather jackets right up to soft and cuddly scarves, unusual accessories and handbags or individual jewellery in many variants - that will be the Fashion & Beauty exhibition section. Four times per day, Hall 2 will be transformed into a catwalk. Models will present the latest trends in autumn and winter clothing as well as in bridal and evening fashion. Everything for the most beautiful day in your life will be on display in the "Marriage 2008/2009" section. Handmade jewellery will be offered in the Artisan section in Hall 5. Here, the artists will also exhibit colourful Tifanny products, lovingly designed covers and cushions or sweet doll's clothes.

The New Multimedia World Will Invite the Visitors to Try Things Out

The Digital & Fun exhibition section in Hall 8 will be new. Here, both beginners and professionals of all ages will be able to obtain information about the entire multimedia world from computers via games consoles right up to telecommunications. Experts will be available to give professional advice and will thus help to overcome any initial reservations; of course, the visitors will also be able to exhaustively test the products themselves in situ.

Tips from Professionals for Houses and Furnishings

Everything in Hall 1 will revolve around building and renovation. Professionals will provide advice on subjects such as burglary protection, energy supply and redevelopment measures. Anybody who is looking for suggestions for their renovation or would like to look around for tools and machines will be in the right place here.

The Housing & Living section in Halls 5, 10 and 11 will be devoted to beautiful and cosy furnishings. The range on offer will extend from furnishing ideas via household appliances and cleaning requisites right up to home textiles. One of the highlights here will be the Curtain Show in Hall 10/11 with tips about how to make windows more beautiful.

Everything to do with Hobbies and Leisure

When the autumn evenings become longer, many people once again devote more time to their hobbies. The Hobby & Leisure section will supply a large number of suggestions for these hours. From handicraft requisites and games via sports apparatus right up to specialist literature, the visitors will be able to stock up on new accessories for their leisure activities at Mode Heim Handwerk. Model-makers will have a great time on the large course in Hall 1: Diggers and tipper trucks will drive in the building site area, roads and houses will be illuminated and goods will be loaded in the haulage yard - there will be a lot to discover in this landscape designed by Funktions-Modellbau-Team Rhein Ruhr (the "Rhine-Ruhr Functional Model-Making Team")!

Pre-Christmas Mood in Christmastown

There will be smells and lights in Hall 12. Here, the visitors will be able to get in the right mood for the pre-Christmas period. In Christmastown, unusual sweets, aromatically fragrant coffee and tea specialities, lavish Christmas tree decorations and beautiful gift ideas will await them. Anybody searching for glittering Christmas decorations will find them here. And the little visitors will be able to whisper their wishes into Father Christmas's ear.

Child Care During Your Visit to the Fair

Parents will be able to have an absolutely relaxed stroll around the fair. Their children will be in the best of hands in the kindergarten of the "Sandpipers" in the Galeria. The professional supervisors will bring a lot of surprises from the nature of the Baltic Sea with them and will have no end of ideas for sporting and playful activities in their luggage. In Hall 6, Essener Sportbund (the "Essen Sports Federation") will also offer many participation events for children.

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