The International Vocation Of Photonica Expo 2008

With a market on show that is valued at Euro 150 billion, Photonica Expo 2008 is seeing a continuous increase in the presence of international exhibitors. "Up to now, said Thierry Van der Pyl, Head of Unit 5 - Photonics of the European Commission recently -, about 200,000 people and a further are directly occupied in the photonics industry in Europe, as well as another two million workers. The global market of products activated by the sector has already reached Euro 150 billion per year and is growing. In Germany alone there are about a thousand small - and medium-sized optical and photonics companies with 36,000 employees; an occupational sector which will develop a further 40% by 2010. However, other than the relative economy - continued Van der Pyl -, a crucial point consists in the fact that photonics is also a vital strategic technology - Europe must maintain its capacity and its know-how to avoid being left behind in a fast changing market. It is not sufficient to take part in this race, we must be the best".

A fast growing market that will be on show at Photonica Expo 2008. Research, innovation and specialized industry are part of the "mixture" of this prestigious Fair that will bring together, for the first time in Italy, all the sectors involved in the industry of creation, control and manipulation of photons and light rays (lasers).

An event with international characteristics where the most important worldwide companies involved in this promising technology, with its many possibilities of application, will be present. Other than companies from Europe (Germany, France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) Photonica Expo 2008, already now, has confirmed its international vocation with the presence of companies also from Russia. At more than nine months from the opening date, Photonica Expo 2008 will 60% international exhibitors and is opportunity not to missed to be at the core of this promising expanding market.

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