Partners: NürnbergMesse China and Swiss Exhibition

Gaining a quick foothold in the Chinese market takes a good portion of know-how and a lot of experience. NürnbergMesse China, a one-hundred-per-cent subsidiary of NürnbergMesse, has therefore supported Swiss Exhibition in its international activities in China since the end of June. This is a good opportunity for the Nürnberg subsidiary to expand its infrastructure in the Asian region.

"The aim of the working partnership is to acquire Chinese exhibitors and trade visitors for the international exhibitions of Swiss Exhibition – including Igeho, ILMAC, Swissbau and Swisstech, " says Axel Bartkus, Managing Director of NürnbergMesse China, explaining the close cooperation between the two exhibition companies. As organizer of special-interest exhibitions such as Fenestration China, IAC, TME & SENSOR or IPB International Powder/Bulk, NürnbergMesse China has good networks and many contacts with Chinese exhibitors and trade visitors from various sectors. Bartkus: "We offer Swiss Exhibition ideal conditions for expanding their commitment in the Chinese market and hence internationalizing their exhibitions in Switzerland more strongly." Swiss Exhibition has been represented in China by NürnbergMesse China since the end of June.

The background to the cooperation of the two exhibition companies is the coming accession of Switzerland to the Schengen Agreement. "Switzerland will become a more attractive venue for Chinese exhibitors, as exhibitors and visitors can expect a simplified visa procedure. Besides Switzerland, they can also visit other Schengen countries such as Germany with the same visa, " says Bartkus, who has managed NürnbergMesse China since May 2007.

He sees the worldwide awareness of the two partners as a good basis for the cooperation: "Nürnberg has become world-famous through the International Toy Fair, Swiss Exhibition in the same way through the Swiss Watch and Jewellery Show. Both exhibitions are known in the relevant circles in China and are associated with the exhibition venues."

The partnership with Swiss Exhibition gives NürnbergMesse China the opportunity to expand its infrastructure in the Chinese market. The portfolio of both exhibition companies opens up the possibility of exhibition-related cooperation, for example, between IPB International Powder/Bulk and ILMAC, the Swiss Industrial Show for Research and Development, Environmental and Process Technology in pharmaceuticals, chemicals and biotechnology. Synergy effects will be created for NürnbergMesse where themes border on each other or overlap.

In its cooperation with Swiss Exhibition, NürnbergMesse China is following the example of its parent company, for NürnbergMesse has cooperated with Swiss Exhibition in a working partnership in the field of packaging exhibitions for some time. As a result, PACK&MOVE, the Swiss Exhibition for Integrated Logistics Solutions and Packaging Technology, takes place in the years when NürnbergMesse does not organize FachPack with effect from 2008.

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