Trading & Investing Expo Fills The Investor Information Gap...

Increasing volatility within the financial markets and a growing array of investment opportunities means that now more than ever investors of all levels in Australia need to do research and focus on growing their knowledge base. A recent Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) survey found many investors faced difficulty making investment choices due to what ASIC called decision-making barriers" such as an overload or lack of information, fear of the unknown, time pressures and lack of trust.

The Trading & Investing Expo helps meet these challenges by providing a platform for industry experts, investors and traders to interact. The final event for the year will take place at the Sydney Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour from Friday 24 to Saturday 25 October.

Whether you're a new, intermediate or sophisticated investor - it will provide visitors with practical investment know-how, including a wide range of impartial educational seminars from well known local and international experts, panel discussions and a major exhibition.

"The Australian investing climate has recently become more volatile, with the apparently guaranteed returns of recent years now just a distant memory", said Alan Kohler, leading business and finance journalist*.

For many, investing is a complex game but it need not be. Whether you're new to the market or a more seasoned trader, a few basic principles go a long way: understand what you are investing in, and read widely, focusing on reliable material from experienced people".

Events such as the Trading & Investing Expo can provide a useful forum for investors to get the knowledge, information and insights from the top information providers and industry players, enabling individuals to make more informed decisions and assist them in developing their own investment strategies, " concluded Kohler.

Trading & Investing Expo, Event Director Jason Humphris said, "The Expo is a unique opportunity for Australians to experience exclusive face-to-face interaction with top-level investment and trading professionals from around the world.

"Some people inherit money, however, for most of us building wealth for the future is about astute, ell-researched investment, backed by sound advice; which is on tap at the Trading & Investing Expo, " concluded Humphris.

The Trading & Investing Expo is the longest running and largest consumer event of its kind in Australia. It will equip visitors with knowledge and tools from expert and fellow traders enabling them to secure their financial future.

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