Gardening And Landscaping Play A Leading Role At Saver 2008

In recent decades, the garden has emerged as one of the key parts of the home. Those who are lucky enough to have a garden of their own are well aware that a well-planned garden that is integrated with regard to the architecture and design of the home constitutes the very best refuge in which to escape from the stress of city life. Through garden care, maintenance and enjoyment, home owners are able to participate in an activity that is both natural and healthy. In this respect, in order to remain up to date with the latest trends on a market that never stops innovating, SAVER, the Equipment and Machinery Fair for Parks, Gardens, Forests and Other Green-Belt Areas, invites you to attend its sixth edition, which will take place in Madrid between 9th and 11th October.

This essential event offers visitors an opportunity to discover the most advanced techniques for creating, planning and maintaining landscaped areas, based on the use of all kinds of tools and facilities, ranging from garden furniture to sprinkler systems and the planting of seeds, not to mention all kinds of accessories that help us to achieve a garden that suits our particular taste and style, whilst respecting the environment.

As one of the main new features this year, SAVER will enjoy the collaboration of the Spanish Association of Landscape Gardeners in organising a series of informative conferences on themes as topical as the necessary adaptation of green areas (both urban and rural) to sustainability criteria that facilitate the integration of these spaces without harming our eco-systems.

Furthermore, the First National Sustainable Garden Competition will be organised to take place within the framework of the fair. As part of this Competition, professionals specialising in the design of green areas must plan a sustainable garden based on a budget that is no higher than 6, 000 euros. All of the projects that are entered for the Competition shall be exhibited at the fair and the winning project shall be implemented by SAVER- IFEMA under the direction of the authors themselves.

This event undoubtedly offers a unique opportunity to keep up with the latest new developments in the increasingly popular hobby of gardening, an activity that helps us to relax and brings us into direct contact with nature at the same time. SAVER, which has established itself as one of the most important fairs for the industry at a national and international level and which provides a significant boost for the trade, invites you to discover the best-kept secrets in gardening and landscaping on Saturday 11th October, the day on which the fair opens to the general public.

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