Discover and Experience The Furniture Future at Orgatec

The human being is the focal point! Anyone who takes a look at the new products and innovations at Orgatec 2008, will quickly recognize that designers, developers, technicians and manufacturers have focused more on the user than ever before. The creation of a better working and office environment - of course also taking into account increased efficiency and effectiveness - was the focus of attention in the preparations for the world's leading fair. Increasingly dynamic seating, elegant waiting, intelligent conferencing and more attractive storage and filing facilities are some of the trends, which will be presented in Cologne in a full spectrum from 21st to 25th October.

One thing is certain here: at Orgatec there will be a special focus on comfort. This is because the new swivel chairs in particular come in modern and user-friendly versions offering even more comfort and new, ergonomic features. The focal point of developments for "tailor-made seating" was the lordosis-support feature. The sensible support for the seated user's lower back area was frequently regarded as uncomfortable when the chair was moved into the relaxed back-supporting position. At the fair for Office & Object, the trend-setters in the area of dynamic seating will demonstrate that a different approach is also possible. Once the backrests are inclined backwards, the many new products and innovations ensure that this function is skilfully retracted thus achieving more well-being and comfort.

In addition, the current chair generation is adapting to the seated person even more effectively through new technologies, supporting so to speak the natural movement of the user's back in every position. Enormous seat depth-adjustment possibilities, weight recognition, balance functions and automatic adjustment to the respective user are features, which do not allow seating monotony to develop in the first place. Increasingly, particularly transparent, elastic netted fabric is being used for the back-rest cover fabric, which combines the increased comfort requirements with optical lightness.

In addition, these fabrics are breathable and extremely durable. The seating for reception areas and waiting rooms is also presented in increasingly smart versions. In clever, elegant and, in particular, functional design it can be combined to form different configurations and arrangements. As a result, it offers high-quality, top solutions for every room situation. Most lounge furniture can be sensibly complemented by tables and storage facilities in order to increase user-friendliness.

In the area of shell chairs, in addition to the newly discovered material carbon, there is in particular one striking development in terms of optics. Thanks to quickly-flowing plastics in the area of injection-moulding technology, shell chairs can now be realized with filigree textures and open elements. Designers have discovered the innovative technology as a playground for delivering exciting designs, which show interesting honeycomb textures in the most diverse forms and styles.

A source of great enjoyment for the planners will no doubt be the latest tables and desks presented in Cologne. Filigree table configurations are increasingly conquering the parquet floor easily and casually. Thanks to minimalist style - the formal design of the trendy desks and tables has been considerably reduced - they can blend in with every architecture concept. Wafer-thin table tops and straight-lined design, which of course relies on the combined strength of stainless steel, determine the scene in an elegant understatement whilst also achieving their desired visual effect. This is ensured by high-quality woods such as ebony, chestnut and oak, but also the trend colour white. The adaptation of organizational and functional elements is getting easier and supporting the management of office instruments. The areas of adjustment have become much larger so that adaptation to different user groups no longer poses a problem.

In the conference sector there is a mega trend in terms of technology! The integrated communication compatibility of the new models is leaving everything else behind. With a click and/or touch-screen, the conference participants can in future log into the connected data bases even more quickly and more efficiently, network themselves, enter into an exchange or also provide a visual underlay for their lectures with the minimum amount of time. The integration of highly-qualified technology makes all this possible - thanks to refined, sophisticated systems and unobtrusive connecting blocks, it is even almost invisible.

There will be a "loud" presentation for a very soft theme at the fair: acoustics! The manufacturers have really come up with some special ideas aimed at ensuring peace and quiet in and around the office workplace. Innovative wall, floor and ceiling solutions will fascinate the visitors at Orgatec just as much as the sound-proofing modules, which can even conceal themselves behind art. The acoustic functionality is also complemented by the optical aspect. In the case of all new products and innovations, great emphasis is placed on them blending in unobtrusively with modern architecture. And of course, when it comes to acoustic panelling, significance is attached to highly flame-retardant properties, because the pleasant working atmosphere, which also plays a major role when it comes to the ability to concentrate, should ultimately not represent a safety risk.

Efficient sound-proofing will however also be presented in the context of furniture. In particular, cupboards and cabinets present themselves as the ideal partners and can thus be planned as room-partitioning elements as well as reducing the noise level at the same time. Talking about storage: cupboard optics are also assuming increasing relevance. Orgatec will show new design solutions, which are expected to impressively enhance the furniture's image. In future boredom on the wall or in the room will be taboo. In open office landscapes the new cabinet and cupboard generation can be used for orientation purposes. Advantageous: an increasing number of manufacturers are switching over to providing all-round furniture attractiveness. This love for detail ensures that the new cabinet generation can be positioned anywhere in the room. Handle-less fronts underline the exclusive character.

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