Central Asian Industrial Week

Central Asian Industrial Week will simultaneously present four specialized exhibitions: "Mining equipment - MiningWorld Uzbekistan 2008", "Chemistry. Plastics. Rubber - ChemPlastAsia Uzbekistan 2008", "Industrial packaging, tare and label - PromUpack Uzbekistan 2008", "Machine and machine-tool manufacture - Machinery Central Asia 2008", as well as a section "Industrial Electronics and Security Systems".

"Central Asian Industrial Week" International Specialized Forum will be held in the capital of Uzbekistan from 2 to 4 October in the "UzExpoCentre" National Exhibition Complex. . The project is being organized by the international exhibition company ITE Uzbekistan, which is a member of UFI, and its partner, British exhibition company, I. T. E. Exhibition & Conferences Ltd.

In conditions of widening integration between manufacturers and suppliers of industrial equipment, goods and services, the given forum will become not only a presentation platform, which will be demonstrating latest achievements, but also an information realm determining the future of industrial development.

Forum of such a format, which unites a number of specialized industrial exhibitions of similar topics, is being held in Uzbekistan for the first time. The main objective of "Central Asian Industrial Week" forum is attraction of new companies and investments, development of international and internal economic relations, opening of industrial potential of Central Asian region, promotion of state programmes of the Republic of Uzbekistan directed on developing mining and chemical industries of the country. Forum will also assist to modernization of production processes and their enrichment with new technical means and technologies, as well as to innovative development of machine-building industry.

Joint exposition of "Central Asian Industrial Week" International Specialized Forum will gather over 60 companies from 13 countries of the world. The following are among participating countries: Germany, Denmark, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Korea, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Finland and Sweden. For the first time the following countries presented production and services of their leading companies within the framework of the Forum: Indonesia, Italy, Denmark and Kazakhstan.

Main events within the framework of "Central Asian Industrial Week":

3rd Uzbekistan International Exhibition "Mining equipment, extraction and processing of ore and minerals - MiningWorld Uzbekistan 2008" - the main exhibition event of mining industry of Uzbekistan.

"MiningWorld Uzbekistan 2008" is one of the most important events of the country, which is being organised with an aim of assisting to suppliers of mining equipment and machinery, production and services from various countries of the world to meet in Uzbekistan with their colleagues: exploration geologists, mine workers, processers of underground resources and metallurgists. Main task of "MiningWorld Uzbekistan 2008" is rendering assistance to intensification of geological, scientific-methodic and applied elaborations on development of leading mining-and-geological practice in the process of mining operation.

Participants of the exhibition will display equipment and machinery for geological exploration. In particular, the following companies, which are well-known global leaders in the market of mining practice, are among constant participants of the MiningWorld Uzbekistan exhibition: ALFA LAVAL POTOK, ATLAS COPCO, and SANDVIK. The largest Russian company - RUDGORMASH, Turkish companies TURKUAZ MACHINERY and INAN MAKINA together with DIPS UNION (Uzbekistan), Lugansk machine construction plant. Old-time partners of ore mining and processing factories of Uzbekistan: Volgaburmash, AsiaEnergoMach, ROLANDTECHNIC (Germany), Ural plant RTI. For the first time the following young Russian companies will represent their equipment in the market of Uzbekistan: Automarket Mining, Strong Miners and many, many others.

Visitors of "MiningWorld Uzbekistan 2008" will have a perfect opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest trends, researches and developments in the field of mining and exploitation of modern equipment in mining practice.

2nd Central Asian International Exhibition "Chemistry. Plastics. Rubber - ChemPlastAsia Uzbekistan 2008" is the best professional event for presenting latest achievements of technological progress in the chemistry and plastics industries. "ChemPlastAsia Uzbekistan 2008" will present raw materials, materials and equipment for chemical industry, control and measuring and laboratory equipment, chemicals and chemical reagents, chemical technologies and scientific researches, technology and equipment for production and processing of plastics and rubber, raw materials and materials for production of plastic and rubber articles, and many other things. Leading companies from various countries of the world showed their interest to the exhibition, which is explained by a high investment attractiveness and wide possibilities for cooperation in this field. One can see on stands of this unique in Uzbekistan specialized exhibition contribution of a progress of chemical technologies into various sectors of the industry.

"ChemPlastAsia Uzbekistan 2008" will provide business, scientific and technical circles with all opportunities for familiarization with the latest developments in this important field of material production, will give a chance of assessing the state and trends of development of chemical section, which undoubtedly will serve as an impetus for development of the chemical complex of Uzbekistan.

The following companies occupy a significant position in the exposition: "UZKIMYOSANOAT" state joint-stock company, which includes in itself all the key directions of the chemical industry, and SHURTAN GAS AND CHEMICAL COMPLEX, which is the only manufacturer of high-quality polyethylene plastics in the country. These are flagships of industry of Uzbekistan, which are demonstrating the continuously growing potential of the Republic.

1st International Industrial Exhibition “Industrial packaging, tare and label - PromUpack Uzbekistan 2008” is a unique in terms of significance event, where prospects and strategies of equipment sale, which is necessary for the market of industrial packaging, will be defined. For the first time the PromUpack Uzbekistan exhibition will be positioned as a separate event, earlier the packaging segment was represented among section of the ChemPlastAsia Uzbekistan exhibition.

The exhibition attracted attention of the leading companies of Europe and Asia, among which are the following ones: BIELLONI CONVERTING (Italy), PURA GROUP company, which has a 100-years long history (Indonesia), well-known German company NISSEI ASB, and Kliments Machinery company from China.

In modern conditions the package has become an integral part of the goods manufacturing process of both commercial and everyday value. Many manufacturers fall short of package, tare and label and for them the PromUpack Uzbekistan 2008 exhibition will demonstrate capacity of this sector.

1st Central Asian International Exhibition "Machine building. Machine-tool building. Automation - Machinery Central Asia 2008" is being held in Uzbekistan for the first time and one can already talk about topicality and prospectivity of the given event. The exhibition will demonstrate a set of measures for modernization of material and technical and technological foundation of industrial branches, where promotion of machine building and innovative solutions for the process of automation of manufacturing the industrial facilities of Uzbekistan will be in the limelight.

The following companies are among the participants of the exhibition: Maikop gearing plant (reducing gears of industrial and general purpose), SECO (metal-cutting tool), DRESSTA concern will be represented by MACHIMPORT company (bulldozers and front-end loaders), KROSNA (Russian industrial equipment), DOBEST from Korea, and Italian GARIONI NAVAL. We should note that these companies have already established economic ties with the Republic of Uzbekistan and are aimed at their strengthening and broadening.

The separate section of the Forum is "Electronics and security in the industry - Industrial Electronics&Security Systems". The exposition of "Industrial Electronics&Security Systems" promises to be the brightest premiere of the Central Asian Industrial Week Forum. The special exposition of the Forum will become an efficient mechanism for promotion of modern technologies in the process of ensuring the security of industrial production.

The following companies are among participants of the Industrial Electronics&Security Systems: NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS (Russia - USA) - leader in the field of developing hardware and software environment for automation of measuring, VINLAD (Uzbekistan) - designer and publisher of integrated security systems for industrial facilities, IRTYSH (Russia) - one of the monopolists of radio technical apparatus, RESCONA (Kazakhstan) - consulting, system and network integration, GELIOS (Russia) - the company, which possesses an experience of project implementation in various fields of industry and economy.

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