French: The “Special Guest” at Expolingua Berlin 2008

French is the language of honour at this year's Expolingua Berlin. Germany's only international fair for languages and cultures takes place from November 14 - 16 at the capital city's Russian House of Science and Culture. Language-travel agencies, language schools and training providers from France will present their products and services related to the French language. Of course, besides French, numerous other languages and cultures will be "on the menu". In fact, more than 150 exhibitors from 30 countries will shed light on the very newest programmes, products and trends related to language learning and teaching.

In addition to language schools from Germany and abroad, language-travel agents, exchange organisations, embassies, culture institutes, tourism centres and publishing houses will take part in the event's twenty-first annual edition.

The majority of people who attend Expolingua Berlin are primary-through-tertiary-level students, trainees and people "on the job", but teachers, both of languages and other subjects, translators, and interpreters are also present in abundance. The common denominator is their interest in languages and cultures: More than 15,000 visitors from all over Germany and neighbouring countries are expected.

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