POWTECH 2008: Technology Forum With Global Impact

Suppliers and production specialists from all over the world meet to exchange information on the latest innovations at POWTECH 2008 from 30 September to 2 October 2008. POWTECH proves its top position as Trade Fair for Mechanical Processing Technologies and Instrumentation again this year. No other exhibition in the world offers such a combination of concentrated themes and a large number of international exhibitors and trade visitors. 707 exhibitors present their products and innovations to some 16,000 expected visitors for three days.

The fascination of mechanical processing technologies lies in their spectrum of applications: These machines, plants and apparatus provide the basic framework for core processes worldwide in production lines in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and in the quarrying, earthworks, ore, ceramic, cosmetic and plastic industries. "With its concentration on mechanical processing technologies, POWTECH in Nürnberg has achieved a global impact on powder, granule and bulk solids technology in the past 15 years, " explains Claudia Hauser, Exhibition Manager at NürnbergMesse.

POWTECH – always a step ahead for efficiency
The current issues of energy efficiency and careful use of resources are naturally also a key challenge for powder, granule and bulk solids technology. The developers of machinery, plant and apparatus for mechanical processing technologies have been committed to these targets for years. Here there is a special focus on particle technologies as core processes in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, coatings, quarrying and earthworks industries. This becomes apparent from many innovations shown by the over 707 exhibitors at POWTECH 2008, with the increasingly effective intermeshing with other process steps and the inline integration into process data streams playing a major role.

Ultramodern solutions are particularly used to save resources. Potential savings can also be achieved in previously often unobserved process steps – as presented by the special show "Saving Resources in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Chemical Industries" on stand 249 in hall 5. This demonstrates to visitors machinery and systems combined in one place, whose installation at the user's – especially in small and medium enterprises – helps to save money.

Technology leaders present innovations
With these highly topical issues, the exhibitors and the expected 16,000 visitors from all over the world emphasize POWTECH's outstanding position as technology forum for mechanical processing technologies with global impact. No other exhibition offers exhibitors and trade visitors such an efficient concentration of themes. POWTECH is also known for a very lively exchange of information between manufacturers and plant operators. The 707 exhibitors this year include all the technology leaders, who present their innovations for mechanical processing technologies and strengthen the global impact of POWTECH in Nürnberg for powder, granule and bulk solids technology, particle analysis and dust explosion protection.

A perfect round tour
The experiences of past years have shown that queues can occur at the registration counters, especially during peak visitor times. To avoid this in future, NürnbergMesse has created a perfect round tour for this year: The two main entrances to the exhibition site will be used in 2008 – one via the new CCN Ost congress centre on the eastern part of the site, the second (central (Mitte) entrance) at the other end of the park, directly opposite the underground.

Moving TechnoPharm from halls 11 and 12 to halls 1 and 5 means the halls are arranged in a ring around the park. Hall 5 is the mixed hall, as companies at POWTECH and the parallel TechnoPharm are mixed here. The allocation has made sure that POWTECH exhibitors with pharma-relevant products are placed in hall 5. The six halls together form a perfect round tour for interested visitors and using the two main entrances creates ideal conditions for an effective visit to the exhibitions.

ask-POWTECH – the tailor-made service
To make preparation and follow-up work for POWTECH more effective for all concerned and ensure an optimized information flow, the online platform ask-POWTECH has been considerably expanded. This tailor-made service for visitors, exhibitors and journalists offers extensive search functions, easy contact facilities, product comparisons and detailed information about the exhibitors at POWTECH.

The user can also contact the relevant exhibitors straight away via ask-POWTECH, as the platform includes all the relevant contact details. Users wanting to keep up to date after POWTECH 2008 only need to define their personal fields of interest from the large spectrum of mechanical processing technologies when they register and then receive personalized matching letters at regular intervals telling them about new products in these fields and other updates concerning POWTECH.

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