International Fair of Plants and Flowers, Technology and Gardening

The 37th Iberflora is to feature a talk by Helmut Kern, Director of Parks and Gardens for the German city of Karlsruhe, on the city's sustainable rooftop gardens, which for the last 35 years have been a compulsory integral part of every new building. The talk is scheduled for 5pm on Wednesday 15th October and will be presided over by Ramón Isidro Sanchis, Chief Councillor for Parks and Gardens at Valencia City Council.

The main advantages of this kind of system is that they make optimum use of water resources, mean less energy is spent on air conditioning, use local species and, most definitely, enhance the surroundings.

These roofs absorb dust, provide the urban environment with humidity, reduce temperatures when it is hot, provide thermal and sound insulation, protect the waterproof quality of the roof and collect rainwater for subsequent re-use.

After the lecture IBERFLORA will present "The Garden of the Five Senses". An initiative of the fair's Organising Committee, this project is being installed in the lobby area of Level 2 at Feria Valencia and aims to show just how attractive vegetation can be. To do so it will appeal to each of the five senses through plantings of specific species.

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