SYSTEMS' IT-SecurityArea Celebrates Ten-Year Anniversary

The IT-SecurityArea at SYSTEMS 2008 is planning a special program of events to mark its ten-year anniversary. Besides visiting exhibitors with solutions and services that enhance data security and protection for companies of all sizes, decision-makers can gather information about realistic IT risk scenarios at live hacking demonstrations, discuss specific security aspects with exhibitors during guided tours, and find out all there is to know about the latest topics related to data protection and security in a series of panel discussions. Each day at the IT-SecurityArea begins with a live hacking event in the Blue Forum and ends with red wine and snacks in the Red Forum to mark the area's ten-year anniversary. Each day also includes a raffle for valuable prizes. On October 22, Joachim Herrmann, Bavarian State Minister of the Interior, will be at SYSTEMS as a special anniversary guest.

The IT-SecurityArea has been a popular attraction at SYSTEMS for 10 years now. Demand for easy-to-use, comprehensive and reliable IT-security and data-protection solutions remains strong. During the first few years, most visitors were interested in malware (viruses, Trojan horses, worms) and anti-spam protection, but now they are emphasizing aspects such as mobile security, data-leakage prevention (DLP) and Web 2.0 virtualization and security. SYSTEMS will feature an extensive program of events on these and other topics at two forums including lectures and presentations every 15 minutes that are free for visitors and a daily "thank-you event" for exhibitors and visitors.

For Klaus Dittrich, Managing Director at Munich International Trade Fairs, all of the exhibition sectors at SYSTEMS are equally important, "but all of our exhibitors profit from the fact that visitors are so interested in the IT-SecurityArea, which covers everything from ERP to Open Source, and from system integrators to research institutes. I congratulate Germany's largest and most important exhibition for IT security and "SecuMedia-Verlag", the area's organizer and Mr. Hohl and Ms. Laufersweiler in particular for their many years of success, which is not always a given in the ICT industry."

A full security agenda each day
Each day of the fair begins with a "Morning Star" hacking session in the Blue Forum at 9:15, when a team from "SySS GmbH" demonstrates how hackers force their way into company networks. The next live hacking session the slogan of which is "Hacking Bits" is in the Red Forum at 10:00. Hackers will demonstrate in a playful manner what security risks have to be taken into account when dealing with the Internet and how easy it is to access sensitive, supposedly secure data from foreign systems. Speakers from "if(is)" the Institute for Internet Security at Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen will report on the "true everyday lives" of IT security experts.

A special highlight awaits visitors on the first day of the fair. After Dr. Udo Helmbrecht, President of Germany's Federal Office for IT Security, opens the Red Forum, Sebastian Schreiber, Managing Director of SySS, will host an unusual hacking session. He will present the most spectacular hacking attacks of the past ten years and explain which tricks still work today. Each presentation ends with an example of the "art of hacking". Gunnar Porada, a well-known "white hat hacker", will demonstrate how cyber criminals attack web servers and networks.

Exciting panel discussions at "High Noon"
Each day at exactly 12 noon, there will be a panel discussion on a topic related to security in the Red Forum. With Norbert Luckhardt, Editor in Chief of magazine, as moderator, experts will examine the latest issues and trends. The topic on the first day of the fair is identity management. Panel members will discuss how security, data protection and privacy issues differ between centralized and decentralized access to network services. They will also discuss how much authenticity, anonymity and pseudonymity the Internet society needs or can handle.

On the second day of the fair, experts on the High Noon panel will examine the topic of data leakage/loss prevention (DLP). Among other things, they will discuss how companies can prevent confidential information from being leaked or copied and how much trouble and expense is justified to eliminate this risk. On Thursday, the panel will discuss the effects that virtualization is having on companies' security architectures, whether logical partitions between virtual servers are secure and what new weak points are created by virtualization. On the last day of the fair, the panel will examine the risks associated with Web 2.0, the so-called collaborative Internet, and what new web capabilities can be used safely.

Safer ways to improved IT security
Throughout the day, guided tours of exhibitors stands will be available that focus on specific aspects of IT security. They are a good way for participants to take a look at the range of available products, which are presented by independent consultants and with the exhibitors' support. Guided tours are available on the following themes: Mobile security; Data production; Basic protection; Network security; Physical security; Revision; Data and data-storage medium destruction/rescue.

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