The International Trade Fairs for Dairy Products, Frozen Food...

65 exhibitors at InterMopro, InterCool und InterMeat (the International Trade Fairs for Dairy Products, Frozen Food and Meat and Processed Meat) held from 28 September to 1 October 2008 take advantage of a separate special show to present their bio quality fresh products to the expert public at large. It is the wholesale and retail trades, in particular, which will benefit from this occasion to gain a rapid overview over the wide range of bio products and also to discover interesting innovations.

Numerous products can be tested in tasting events, arranged on-site. This Special Show with a farmer's market-like presentation will be accompanied by a series of papers devoted to the topic of bio foods and a knowledge area. Scientific institutes will explain research results related to bio foods. This exhibition will be organised by Messe Düsseldorf in conjunction with a consulting group of bio experts (bioexperten Consulting Group).

It will be the objective of this exhibition to present a bundling of bio products such as dairy products, frozen foods and chilled convenience products as well as meat and processed meat. The Düsseldorf Trade Fair Company thus reacts to the growing interest of trade and consumers alike as regards the bio food sector. Following fresh fruit and vegetables, others, such as dairy products, meat and convenience products make up a high percentage of rapidly growing bio food sales.

A high-visibility part of Hall 7, enjoying large flows of visitors, will be set aside for product presentations, the programme of papers, the knowledge area and for a cooking show. The knowledge area was arranged by a number of partners, such as Hohenheim university, the Institute for Market, Environment and Society (IMUG) from Hanover and Food Information Service Europe (FIS). Staff shall be on hand to explain the varied offer to visitors and also to distribute information leaflets. Sensory testing and tasting of food ready to eat as well as of the dishes prepared on site is not only possible, but expressly desired. Mr. Cees Goettsch, a chef from the Netherlands, will attract visitors' attention to his cooking demonstration.

All exhibitors represented may show their products to direct the attention of visitors to their own fair stands at the different specialist fairs. Over and above, and as a part of the programme of papers, company representatives are given the opportunity to speak about the concepts for their respective brands in a "tell your story" session. Among speakers already announced one finds Dr. Peter Schaumberger (formerly from Demeter, now with New Health Management), Prof. Dr. Achim Spiller (Goettingen university), and Dr. Toralf Richter (Bio Plus AG).

On account of its interesting brand concepts and product innovations the sector represented by bio food is now gaining more and more ground as against the more price-sensitive private brands. That means that "brand stories", too, are increasingly relevant when it comes to product differentiation and purchasing decisions by consumers.

Messe Düsseldorf therefore makes use of InterMopro/Cool/Meat, its fresh food trio, to offer the industry a platform to present its products. At the same time, wholesale and retail companies are given a rapid survey as to the range of products, trends and innovations in the fast-growing bio food and fresh food sector. The concept for this part of the exhibition was worked out jointly by Messe Düsseldorf and the bioexperten Consulting Group, headed by Dr. Sylvia Pfaff.

InterMopro, InterCool and Inter[C1] Meat 2008 in halls 3 – 7 and Hogatec 2008, held in parallel, in halls 9 – 12, of the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre will be open daily for trade visitors from 28 September until 1 October 2008 from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p. m. The ticket is valid for all four fairs. A day ticket costs € 30 (and € 18 Euro - plus postage - when purchased in advance and online), a ticket for two days costs € 45 (and € 32 when booking in advance and online). A student ticket costs € 10. Tickets also entitle to free travel to and from the fairgrounds when travelling by VRR (Verkehrsverbund-Rhein-Ruhr).

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