Young Companies Promoted at the Automechanika

The German Ministry for Economics and Technology and the German Association of the Trade Fair Industry have joined forces to promote the participation of young companies at a variety of international trade fairs. Now, for the first time, newcomers are being given the chance to present their promising products at the Automechanika. Automechanika, Leading International Trade Fair for the Automotive Industry, will be held for the 20th time in Frankfurt am Main from 16 to 21 September. Around 4,600 exhibitors will make presentations on over 300,000 square metres of exhibition space (gross).

The companies have been chosen primarily for their innovative products. Their ideas show that they are aware of the problems faced by automobile and parts manufacturers, and workshops and car dealers. The solutions are ingenious yet simple, e.g., the rivet breaker, a pump that can withstand the affect of the aggressive AdBlue solution, and a SMS service that boosts car sales. No matter whether a 20-man limited company, a family company or a one-man operation, things are happening in the sector.

As shown by Tim Eckart: one man one idea. All on his own, he has developed an oil-change system for automatic transmissions, which he is displaying at the BMWi joint stand in Galleria 1 / South. What is so special about this product? Quite simply, it enables the user to exchange the transmission oil completely including all residues that would otherwise remain as deposits and possibly lead to transmission defects. As the proud inventor (44) says, "With a little good technology and a reasonable purchase price, the result is a complete oil change and satisfied customers and that's something worth having!"

Another product making its debut at the Automechanika is the 'carinfo-message' of the automobil-message SMS service. In future, the new service of the Munich-based company will help car dealers sell cars. A 'car code' is prepared and placed visibly on every vehicle in the fleet. Via the code, potential customers can call for information by sending the code in a text message. The information and dealer-contact details are then sent to the customer's mobile phone. At the same time, the dealer is sent an e-mail with the telephone number of the potential customer so he or she can be contacted quickly with an offer. "Our text-message service offers the sector an effective method for boosting car sales by taking full advantage of the existing customer potential", says General Manager Peter Henzler.

Tobias Jessberger and his father, Kurt Jessberger, have nothing against AdBlue, a solution for treating exhaust emissions. However, they do have something against its aggressiveness. Hence, the company for barrel and tank pumps have developed a special pump that is resistant to the aggressive liquid and can remain in use for a long time.

People have an exaggerated respect for the diagnosis of common-rail diesel engines. "Although trainees are taught about this in automobile training courses, there is still reluctance to use the diagnostic facilities in workshops. And this is a great problem", says Tobias Lehnert, General Manager of Lehnert Tools, describing the situation. Together with his four employees, he has developed a diagnostic case for common-rail high-pressure injectors, which represents an ideal solution for complex diesel engines. The test equipment is linked to the return pipe of the engine's injection system without interrupting it. Thus, the backpressure of up to 16 bar remains constant throughout the system and it is even possible to make tests while the vehicle is being driven on the road.

Also grateful for the assistance of the German Ministry for Economics and Technology is TechnoAss GmbH because, according to General Manager Peter Hilje, his small team would not otherwise have been able to afford to take part in the fair. Hilje developed his rivet breaker, a pair of pincers for removing rivets effectively, on his own initiative. "If I keep my ear to the ground and my eyes open, I know where the workshops have problems. I then puzzle over the problem until I have found a solution", says Hilje who founded the company with this in mind back in 2001.

Customer service is also the focus of Mobilserv GmbH. Founded in Hamburg in 2006, the company supports car dealers throughout Germany who want to offer their customers an emergency service after the close of business because "around the clock service" is in demand today. With the Mobilserv service, car dealers can offer personal advice and support and thus reinforce bonds of customer loyalty without having to run their own 24-hour accident and breakdown service.

As an independent subsidiary of inmess GmbH in Gross Gerau, inmess produktions GmbH in Bremen makes machines for the tyre, automobile and supplier industry. Manual machines for the laboratory and fully automatic machines for production lines are manufactured using ultra-modern technology and innovative processes. One of the company's focal points is the series production of testing machines for workshops and laboratories.

Under this promotional programme, the German Ministry for Economics and Technology bears 80 percent of the costs for exhibition space and stand construction. Eligible for support are companies that are based in Germany, that were founded less than 10 years ago and that meet the current EU definition of a small company (max. 50 employees, annual turnover of max. 10 million).

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