TAROPAK – Great Packing in Poznań

The largest trade show addressed to the packaging and logistic industries in this part of Europe will be held in Poznań in the third week of September. The TAROPAK International Packaging Technology and Logistics Exhibition will celebrate its 35th anniversary this year. The show held on 15-18 September will feature the latest products and services offered by 800 exhibitors and a record number of foreign companies in the history of the Exhibition. TAROPAK will also be a venue to present over 200 recent market launches.

Packaging is an inherent element of human life and an integral part of the society. Most products cannot be stored, transported and sold without appropriate packaging. Packaging thus plays an important role in every economy. This market is developing robustly due to improved production, development of advanced technologies and ever increasing consumers' requirements.

The annual production of packaging in Poland reaches approx. 3.9 million tonnes. It grows every year by approx. 9 percentage points . The Polish packaging sector generates about 2% of GDP – as compared to 2.5% in highly developed countries. The consumption of packaging per capita is thus gradually growing. In the late 1990s, the indicator amounted to approx. 50kg/per capita, while it reached 130 kg/per capita last year .

According to the Polish Chamber of Packaging (PIO), plastic packaging is currently the largest sector of packaging (approx. 38%), followed by paper and cardboard packaging (approx. 26%), metal packaging (24%) and glass (10%). The value of domestic packaging exports has grown since the end of the previous century. It currently exceeds EUR 1.2 billion . The majority of exported products are made of plastic, metal, wood, paper and cardboard.

Optimistic prospects for the future, if the economic upturn will keep up, show that positive developments are to be expected in the packaging sector. It follows from the analysis by PIO that the value of the Polish packaging market will grow to PLN 5-7 million by 2010.

The packaging market is intertwined with logistics, which facilitates production and distribution of materials. Transport and logistics are among the key sectors of Polish economy. The industry generates almost 12% of GDP and employs 1.5 million people. Its development is greatly determined by the growing international trade and a trend to shift production to Eastern European countries in search for cheaper labour. On the other hand, funds coming from the European Union create an opportunity to improve the conditions of roads, which is indispensable for the development of this sector.

Poland has for some time recorded a growing demand for modern logistic and warehousing areas. Analyses indicate great development prospects for this sector. In 2007, the total warehousing area amounted to nearly 4 million m2, which represents a 40% increase compared with figures for the previous year. The demand was also 53% higher as compared with 2006. A few years ago, modern warehouses were located around Warsaw. It is now predicted that in the coming years they will develop in smaller cities, such as Lublin and Rzeszów.

Optimistic prospects for market development directly translate into increased demand for modern logistic and packaging solutions in Poland. Both these industries are reflected in the strong participation of their representatives in the Poznań-based show.

The International Packaging Technology and Logistics Exhibition is a specialist offer addressed to all those who are professionally related to the broadly understood production of packaging, raw materials and machines, as well as warehousing and logistic activities. The exposition is divided into four parts: 1) packaging – packages and additional packaging accessories, materials for packing and package production, package design; 2) machines – packing machines and equipment, package manufacturing machines, packing machine design; 3) logistics – in-house transport equipment, stock management equipment, logistic services; 4) technical consulting.

The exposition, located in seven pavilions over a total area of 20, 000 m2, will gather together 800 exhibitors. The largest number of foreign exhibitors in the 35 years of the Exhibition's history (coming from 31 countries) will present their products and services. Foreign exhibitors will constitute 35% of all exhibitors. The majority of companies will come from Poland, followed by Italy, Germany, France, Taiwan and Turkey. The largest group of exhibitors includes companies that offer packing machines and equipment, and plastic packaging. Over 100 exhibitors will present solutions related to warehousing and in-house transport.

The show is a perfect place to promote new technological solutions. Market innovations are the strongest attractors of professionals and large groups of attendees. This year's TAROPAK is undoubtedly a fair of new products. It is best evidenced by the fact that as many as 250 latest products were entered for the show, making it a record number and a nearly threefold increase compared to the previous edition. On four days spent in Poznań, the visitors will have an opportunity not only to admire the exposition of exhibitors, but also to participate in numerous seminars and lectures organised with our partners – the Polish Packaging Research and Development Centre, the Polish Chamber of Packaging, the Polish Chamber of Printing, the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing and publishers of specialist journals.

TAROPAK has been well recognised in the industry for years. It is associated with opportunities to evaluate the market situation and to establish contacts that might bring successful contracts in the future. It is also a venue for exchanging experiences and gain knowledge about modern solutions and technologies. The significance of this year's TAROPAK is underscored by the fact that it will be held under the auspices of Deputy Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak.

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