CSR Performance 2008

The Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI) will be holding an international conference on Corporate Social Responsibility and its practical attributes as a way of gaining a competitive edge in today's socially aware market. The conference will be held at the W Hotel in Downtown San Diego, September 30-October 2.

This event is the only one of its kind that emphasizes the business case for CSR initiatives. Last year approximately $14 Billion was spent on CSR programs, reflecting the growing trend that any company cannot afford to ignore. As environmental concerns increase, along with a public more savvy and socially aware, today's consumer is willing to go out of their way in choosing a brand that they feel is more socially responsible then a competitor. CSR Performance 2008 will bring forth the benefits of CSR and its impact on the bottom line, human capital, marketing, branding and sustainability. GSMI strongly believes in creating a win-win situation so that a company can do well, by doing good.

CSR Performance 2008 will bring together some of the leading minds and companies in the emerging realm of socially responsible initiatives. Speakers include the Stephen Jordan, SVP of U.S. Chamber of Commerce as the keynote, Mary Wong, President of Office Depot Foundation, Lauralee Martin, COO and CFO of Jones Lang LaSalle; along with speakers from IBM, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase, Herman Miller and Harrah's Entertainment.

CSR Performance 2008 ties together wide ranging socially responsible programs and initiatives to highlight their advantages within the organization. Topics include embracing employee volunteerism for personal and professional development, branding and marketing the organizations CSR, consumer relationships, and different measurement standards and performance management techniques such as Balanced Scorecard. Additionally, there are four pre-conference workshops where attendees work with the presenter and their peers in a hands-on approach to best-in-class CSR initiatives.

The large scope of the event allows for delegates from all different aspects of their respective organizations to attend. Directors to C-level executives in Human Resources, Public Relations, Marketing, IT, Corporate Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility will be able to take away something while connecting with peers from around the globe.

GSMI is the authority on performance based management practices and modern management theory. The company is focused on studying and identifying the leading management innovations pioneered by the "best-in-class" organizations.

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