2009 Dongguan Exhibition On Foundry And Diecasting Industries

China has become the most important manufacturing base of the World as a result of the competitive advantages in term of price competitiveness and the international quality standard. The products diversity and cost effectiveness attracts the most internationally renowned brands to set up their manufacturing plants in Southern China. In response to meet the surging market of foundry and die-casting technology and equipment, Hong Kong Diecasting & Foundry Association is most honour to present the 2nd Dongguan International Exhibition on Foundry and Die-casting Industries. FDI 2009 will be staged in Dongguan International Conference & Exhibition Center, the manufacturing base of China, May 14 to 16, 2009.

It is worth highlighting that FDI 2009 is providing an excellent platform for to facilitate technological and economical exchange and further enhance exciting and rewarding new business horizons in the regional foundry and diecasting industries.

As a matter of fact, Dongguan is located in the middle of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong, China, half way between Guangzhou and Hong Kong which is highly accessible for both suppliers and buyers. She is also a well-known manufacturing base of China with well over 60,000 manufacturers planted in the city; undoubtedly the strong demand and purchasing power for the industrial equipment will surely bring endless opportunities.

Furthermore, as the standard of living is rising, the demand of bicycles, motor-cycles, automobiles, electrical appliances and electronic communication products grows quickly in China, which gave fresh impetus to die-casting and foundry industry.

FDI 2009 is one of the most renowned industrial event in foundry and diecasting in China which is a perfect platform for facilitating domestic as well as international technological exchange, economical and trade development. Rest assured that this is an Exhibition you must not miss!

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