Zeroemission Rome 2008: Energy From The Earth Too

At a time when we must really consider the nature of our energy supplies, ZeroEmission Rome devotes an entire pavilion to all possible sources with low environmental impact provided by the Earth: from the production of biofuels to the vegetables raw materials, up to the processing and conversion of agricultural and forest crops from livestock farming in order to produce energy. A wealth of sustainable opportunities - not only for our Planet, but also for the market.

The Earth has been estimated to be about 4.65 billion years old, and during this long span of time it has nourished the development of all its life forms in a natural equilibrium. In less than 200 years the industrial revolution brought about sweeping changes in the production, economic and social system of our planet as a result of the great impulse provided by energy from fossil fuels which, on the one hand, has allowed us greater comfort in our daily lives but, on the other, has led the Earth to a great imbalance that now threatens those very same life forms.

In terms of numbers, we can also refer to the data from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) included in the report Climate Change 2007: the Physical Science Basis: "The atmospheric concentration of CO2 has fluctuated for 10,000 years up to 1750 in the range of 265 - 280 ppm (parts per million), while in the last 150 years the same has increased to 380 ppm in 2006. The 2006 value is higher than the natural range (180 - 300 ppm) of the last 650,000 years". The report also states "The increase in greenhouse gases from 1750 (i.e., at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution) is mainly due to emissions from fossil fuels, agriculture and the change in land use".

The obvious solution is to change our developmental model and energy-consuming lifestyles. And, once again, our Planet comes to the rescue. The Earth, in fact, is perfectly capable of providing resources from renewable sources, i.e., those sources that are continuously renewed in a short-term biological cycle (in addition to their limited availability fossil fuels also take long-term geological cycles to be formed).

Furthermore, waste from the agricultural and food industry, sewage waste from livestock farming, agricultural and forest residue and urban waste can all provide the biogas and biomass which in turn can be used to produce renewable energy.

At ZeroEmission Rome 2008, the special pavilion for energy from the Earth will have two halls devoted precisely to this topic: Agrienergy Expo, the 1st International Exhibition on Agricultural Renewable Energies and Biofuel Expo, the 4th International Exhibition of the Biofuel Industry and Technology.

And even though the Mediterranean is one of the areas of the Planet with more natural resources for the production of renewable energy, the most reliable studies have shown that it is also one of the areas which will be most sensitive to future climate changes. Thus, the 2008 ZeroEmission Rome, with 25, 000 square meters of exhibition area, will provide a particularly important showcase for all the companies developing renewable energy and emission trading businesses in the Mediterranean area.

ZeroEmission Rome 2008 will therefore be a not-to-be-missed event in order to reach out to leading Italian and international businesses - companies will have the opportunity to present their products and services and gain access to new markets, while visitors will find all the most state-of-the-art solutions for renewable energies under the same roof.

The exhibition will be rounded off with a full schedule of conventions, refresher courses, professional seminars and company presentation workshops providing the trade and visitors alike with the opportunity to learn more about new developments in technologies, research and market. The conference package will include contributions from authoritative speakers from Italian and foreign political institutions, local bodies as well as public and private research institutions, trade associations, banks, finance and insurance companies.

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