The 9th International Food Technology, Additive and Ingredient Fair

Tecno Fidta 2008 is positioned as the most important exhibition in food technology in Latin America, as it gets together the meat, fish, vegetable and fruit sectors, among a number. This edition will see a large number of companies that sell food processing machinery, such as cutters, peelers, grinders, labeling, stone-removing machines, tanks, ovens used in bakery, meat packing, packaging machines, etc. Historically, Argentina has been known for producing raw material, mostly beef and beef products, i.e.: unprocessed food, for export and the domestic demand. Then value was added to food products and exports started of processed and packed products. To that end, an industry was required to accompany food processing with machinery, additives and ingredients.

In the light of the economic recovery of the country, the food industry shows sustained growth and is in turn conquering new markets. That is why there is a need to add new production strategies and professionals with ad-hoc knowledge focused on this endeavor.

This industry is one of the most dynamic components in the country, and contributes to the growing international insertion of Argentina. It represents approximately 30% of the gross added value generated by the manufacturing industry. This industry is responsible for more than 300, 000 jobs, and has hiked 4.6% vis-á-vis 2006.

Numbers show a large growth. In the last ten years, the activity level of the food and beverage industry has gone up by 25% and in 2007 alone it exported 40.3 million tons, for a total US$ 17.77 billion. This was a clear record for an industry that represents 32% of the total exports of manufactured items from Argentina. Thus, it means a 24.3% increase vis-á-vis the previous year, as per the report of the National Food Agency, of the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture, Cattle Breeding, Fishing and Food (SAGPYA).

The latest report of the Argentinean Beef Promotion Agency shows that in December 2007, beef exports exceeded the same period of the previous year by 5.4%. The main destinations for meat exports continue to be the Russian Federation, followed by Chile, Germany, Venezuela and Israel.

Regarding food, beverage and tobacco production machinery, as per the Production Study Center (CEP), based on INDEC (National Statistics Agency) data, exports in 2007 amounted to a figure in the neighborhood of US$ 59.64 million, 33% higher than the previous year. Imports, on the other hand, reached US$ 67.60 million.

Two months short of the opening of the fair, most of the space available has been allocated. 90% of the area is taken by companies eager to show their news in food processing and technology, machinery and services. Companies from Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and even some exhibitors from IFFA, the leading international fair for the meat industry, have booked their booths at this new edition of the fair.

Different areas of the food processing chain are present at the fair: processing, packaging and bottling, additives, ingredients and raw material, refrigeration, laboratories and quality control, automation and control.

As in every edition, Tecno Fidta will give training a major role. In parallel to the fair, a varied offering of academic activities will be in place, where a range of organizations will give seminars and conferences with agendas with critical subjects for this industry. Some of the organizations present will be: Asociación Argentina de Tecnólogos Alimentarios (AATA, the Argentinean Food Technologist Association); the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture, Cattle-Breeding, Fishing and Food (SAGPyA, of the Ministry of Economy and Production); Asociación de la Cadena de la Soja Argentina (ACSOJA, the Argentinean Soybean Chain Association); Asociación Argentina de Grasas y Aceites (ASAGA, the Argentinean Grease and Oil Association); The National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI); the School of Agricultural Sciences, of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and Fundación Empresaria de la Patagonia (FEPA, the Patagonian Business People Foundation), among a number.

The 9th International Food Technology, Additive and Ingredient Fair will have an area of 19,000 sq mt. The organizers have many expectations as to the number of professional visitors to the fair. It is expected to receive 16,500 visitors. Tecno Fidta 2008 will be an excellent launch platform to get leads from abroad and also to build loyalty.

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