Tecnargilla 2008

Manufacturers of machinery for the brick industry will taking part in Tecnargilla 2008 for the third consecutive time, in their own special exhibition space. Institutional booths will be there to showcase businesses. For the third consecutive time (after being launched in 2004 and repeated in 2006) Tecnargilla will be featuring the Claytech section, exclusively dedicated to suppliers of equipment and machinery to the brick sector. Claytech will be located in halls A7-C7 and pavilions A7 and C7 of the Rimini expo centre , and will feature a uniform, appealing exhibit scheme, all the better to highlight the many companies from this segment that will be taking part in the event.

Companies in the sector who have already confirmed their attendance include: Bedeschi, Sacmi, Tecnofiliere, Capaccioli Impianti, Ipa International, Edilmec, Cismac Automazioni, Filiere Torres, Frac, Bernini Impianti, Fazzini Filiere, Comaf, Saex Impianti, Ballatore Impianti, Officina Meccanica Sestese, Meccanica 2 P, Coveri, Gieffe System, Ipiac, Gonzo Impianti, United Symbol, Tecton, Novokeram, Sacs Tecnica, Aweld, Braun and Tricer (Italian agent for companies such as Haendle, Lingl, De Boer).

In response to the orientation noted among many exhibitors in the segment, Tecnargilla decided on an exhibit scheme tailored to the current publicity and marketing goals of brick equipment manufacturers: businesses will therefore be taking part through institutional booths.

This form of participation takes the special technical characteristics of the segment into account and is geared to its needs for contact with the market; it attracts companies that do not want to miss out on their chance to take part in the event, since Tecnargilla is the most important international showcase of supplies for the ceramics industry, drawing businesses and organizations from around the world to Rimini.

This approach has also been chosen to achieve well-balanced exhibitor turnover that better responds to the changing needs of machinery suppliers for the brick industry.

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