European Coatings Show 2009

In keeping with tradition, the European Coatings Congress will open one day before the Exhibition Centre once again becomes the absolute focal point for the coatings world from 31st March to 2nd April 2009 with the European Coatings Show. Experts from all over the world will then enter into an exchange from 30th March to 1st April 2009 on the latest themes connected with high-quality coatings and paints, sealants, construction chemical materials and adhesives. The famous "look ahead to the future" is very real and concrete at the European Coatings Congress.

Within the framework of the lectures, leading experts from all over the world will not only provide insights into the current status of development in the areas of coatings, printing inks, adhesives and construction chemical products, but also enable the congress delegates to already share tomorrow's research results today. In what is now its 10th staging since 1991, the congress programme is of course still obliged to maintain the high quality standards which have made it so successful. In the Call for Papers, experts from companies, colleges and institutions were once again called upon in recent months to submit abstracts on forward-looking lecture themes. As is customary, based on these submissions, the European Coatings Congress programme committee will compile a detailed programme by the end of the year.

European Coatings Congress 2009: full programme
The congress begins on Monday morning, 30th March 2009, with nine tutorials, which as a kind of three-hour crash course, will each pick up and explain specific coating themes. In 25 sessions, each comprising six lectures, current and innovative developments are covered. The individual sessions at the Congress, held in English throughout, are allocated to the target-group specific headings: Coatings, Printing Inks, Adhesives & Sealants as well as Construction Chemicals. In addition, the "Science Today – Coatings Tomorrow" session is for the third time already providing an insight into the research world of polymer and material sciences. Events such as the presentation of the European Coatings Award for the best Congress entry will provide the opportunity to enter into an exchange and socialize with colleagues from the international Coatings Community.

As a special highlight, one congress session will be devoted to the NAPOLEON research project. NAPOLEON is the abbreviation for "NAnostructured Waterborne POLymEr Films with OutstaNding Properties". With this project the industry is seeking to create a platform for the development of completely new products on the basis of films with a controlled nano structure, which future European solvents ordinances will already fulfil. In this connection papers from the nine companies and scientists from 12 competence centres will be presented.

International sector meeting point
Around 23,000 trade visitors from 99 countries attended the European Coatings Show 2007 with the aim of obtaining information from 838 exhibitors about the range of raw materials, laboratory and production technology, testing and measuring technology as well as the corresponding services.

The trade fair is thus by far the largest sector meeting place of its kind worldwide and offers a unique forum for information and business.

The product portfolio at the European Coatings Show 2009 covers the following areas:

Coating Raw Materials
Binders / Solvents / Pigments / Fillers / Additives

Printing Ink Raw Materials
Binders / Solvents / Pigments and Dyes / Additives

Adhesive Raw Materials
Polymers / Polymer Dispersions / Monomers / Resins, Tackifiers / Fillers / Solvents / Plasticizers, Oils / Additives / Waxes

Intermediates for Construction Chemicals
Raw Materials / Additives and Admixtures

Laboratory and Production Equipment
Mixers / Extruders, Kneaders / Mills, Triple Roller Mills and Accessories / Engineering / Filters and Filtration / Pumps / Metering Devices, Balances / Conveying Systems / Filling Systems / Packaging / Labelling Machines / Logistics / Tinting Systems / Screening Machines and Sintering Plants / Coolers / Pipe Technology

Testing and Measuring Equipment
Quality Control and Laboratory Testing Equipment / Production and Process Control


Environmental Protection and Safety at Work
Occupational Safety / Container Washing Equipment / Emission Treatment / Effluent Treatment / Solvent Recycling

Software, Hardware / E-Commerce / Training and Education, Qualification / Technical Information and Publication / Consultancy / Research and Development / Contract Manufacturing

Participation made easy for newcomers to the fair
The European Coatings Show 2009 is one of the leading international trade fairs in Germany at which the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie – BMWi) supports and promotes the participation of young, innovative companies. Companies eligible for promoting measures are those, which present product and process-orientated new developments, are based in, and have their business operations in the Federal Republic of Germany, fulfil the respective, applicable EU definition of a small company and less than 10 years old. The promotional package involves 80 percent or up to 7, 500 EUR of the participation costs. This includes services such as stand rental and stand construction within the framework of a joint stand, basic furnishings, lighting, electricity, cleaning, insurance, the communication package and AUMA charge.

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