Alliance & Leicester Bank's Premier 21 Master Class Programme

Gok Wan is the first celebrity expert to be named to Alliance & Leicester Bank's Premier 21 Master Class Programme which launches today. The programme has been created to support 16-21 year olds who have left full time education to kick start their careers.

Research conducted by the Bank showed that almost half (52 per cent) of those questioned about the most desirable career for people in their age bracket, chose jobs for which no degree was necessary. In addition, one of the industries considered a great career path was fashion, a choice Gok, stylist and presenter of How to look good naked, definitely agrees with.

"It's important that people realise that not having a degree isn't the end of the world, " said Wan, "There are lots of options for young people to build a successful career in their industry of choice. However, if you're young and starting to make money, it's a good idea to start thinking about saving for the future. Nobody's young forever."

Gok will host a Premier 21 Fashion Careers Master Class Programme in September for young people looking to break into fashion.

Andy Bayes, Head of Current Accounts at Alliance & Leicester said: "Many 16-21 year olds now make the choice to go straight to work rather than university and as a result are very career driven. We think it is important to recognise those who are just starting out in their working life and offer them support, especially in the first stages of their professional lives when they are likely to be making important financial decisions."

"With this in mind, the Premier 21 Account has been launched to allow this group to maximise the potential of their hard earned cash. The account offers a 10% interest rate, the highest credit interest rate on the high street, to help make their money go further."

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