China Shoes.China Shoetec (Autumn 2008)

China's shoe export is facing the challenges from various economic environment in 2008, including international trade barriers, appreciation of RMB, increasing raw material price, rising labor cost and US dollar's devaluation. The 8th Dongguan China Shoes. China Shoetec (Autumn 2008), which will be staged from October 30-November 1,2008 at Houjie, Dongguan, Guangdong, PR China, will provide the latest market information and the professional advices from experts for industry players to enhance their strategic decision making.

The fair will help companies to uncover the global market and keep up with the upcoming trends. Moreover, it will also offer insight to the exhibitors on how to convert the challenges into a new opportunity. In order to facilitate the industry communication and cooperation, Dongguan China Shoes . China Shoetec will serve as a bridge to provide an ideal interacting platform for domestic and overseas industry players.

As the leading shoes manufacturer and exporter in the world, China's annual output has exceeded 10 billion pairs in the past few years, accounting for 66% of global manufacturing total. However, some specialists believe that quality, efficiency and upgrading should be the future direction for China shoes industry in view of the difficult economic and political environment. Middle and high-end market should be focused & developed instead of low-end market.

Therefore, firstly, the production and export quantity of made-in-China shoes may decrease in future, while the product price and total export amount will keep growing due to its higher quality. Secondly, upgrading, restructuring and transferring will be the trend for China shoes industry. Shoes industry in China will be more competitive after its transformation & structural adjustment. Besides, with the population of 1.3 billion, China herself is a huge potential market. According to the statistics of "CONSUMPTION DAILY", only 1.7 pairs of shoes are consumed per person in average in China every year, while it's 7.8 pairs for Europe and 8.7 pairs for U.S. The shoes companies in China should try their best to explore & develop domestic market for its great potential. Finally, it is necessary to build up brands for international market. China's companies should speed up in brand building and marketing at international markets to create more rooms for profit-making and more long-lasting competitiveness.

The 8th Dongguan China Shoes. China Shoetec (Autumn 2008), which has been playing an important role in enhancing industry upgrading for years, will bring in new business opportunities and market intelligence for the industry players. Furthermore, newly set up activity focusing on "Export, Domestic Sales Channels and Branding" will demonstrate in-depth analysis on shoes' sales market & production bases in China. Experts and representatives of renowned brands will be invited to share & discuss on the brand building and channel management.

The scale of The 8th Dongguan China Shoes. China Shoetec, which will be held from October 30-November 1,2008, will be further expanded. It is expected that over 650 exhibitors will participate in the event, and the total exhibiting area will reach 30,000 m2, growing 20% over the same period of last year.

To facilitate visitors and buyers visit, organizers will group the products into different zones. "Shoe Zone" will mainly showcase the new & fashionable middle-to-high end footwear; "Accessory, Leather and Material Zone" will highlight the latest style of materials, leather, and accessories, while "Machinery Zone" will mainly focus on various cutting edge equipments and technologies on manufacturing, maintenance, and measuring. The show will cover all shoes-related products and services from design, production to finished products.

The event has been highly supported by many old and new exhibitors. A number of renowned companies, especially some new exhibiting companies of international brands, have confirmed their participation, such as Guangzhou Quansheng Shoes Co. Ltd, Best Future Footwear Company Ltd, Cortina China Ltd, Hong Kong Betta, Tonsam (International) Ltd Long-Live Footwear Co., etc. Old exhibitors are satisfied with the value-added services provided by the organizers, many of them requested to expand their booth areas, such as Isca Shoes Company, Castle Leaf (Asia) Trading Ltd, Dongguan Huashen, etc.

Dongguan China Shoes. China Shoetec is jointly organized by China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts-Crafts (CCCLA), Messe Dusseldorf China Ltd., Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. and Guangdong Modern Convention and Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. It has been successfully launched for 7 editions, and is the only professional shoes event in Dongguan as well as the UFI-approved event that offers the best one-stop sourcing platform for middle and high end footwear, materials and machinery in Asia. Based on successful experience and abundant resources for many years, this grand event will definitely be your ideal choice for seeking market information and business opportunities.

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