CableLabs Summer Conference 2008

Toronto, ON, Sigma Systems announced that it will demonstrate its Subscriber Information System interface as part of the Innovation Showcase at the upcoming CableLabs Summer Conference 2008. The CableLabs Summer Conference 2008 takes place August 10-13, 2008 in Keystone, Colorado.

Sigma's product demo will reveal how existing subscriber data can be cultivated to enable the delivery of targeted ads in real-time, making it possible for cable operators to capitalise on the significant revenue potential offered by advanced advertising.

Sigma will demonstrate how information from multiple repositories such as subscriber, services, usage trends and subscriber demographics data is aggregated, federated and analysed to expose a common subscriber profile with individual or a series of audience qualifiers, embracing the SCTE 130 specification pertaining to advanced advertising. Sigma's SIS application will also demonstrate how external access to audience qualifiers can be controlled through related policies.

"With advanced advertising, cable operators can provide a unique value proposition to advertisers who want to target the subscribers who best fit their product or service. This is accomplished by unlocking the many sources of audience qualification information that exist or are emerging across cable operators' systems and subscriber bases. As well, the ability cable operators have to identify specific viewing preferences and habits, and to track viewing behaviour on a granular basis, is critical to the success of advanced advertising, " said Brian Cappellani, Chief Technology Officer for Sigma Systems. "Based on their Internet advertising experience, advertisers are also increasingly looking for TV advertising to support a more rapid, automated campaign creation and execution process, along with accurate reporting of the campaign results."

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