Trends and Innovations at The Cinec 2008

The latest trends and technical innovations in film technology and postproduction will be presented at the cinec in the M, O, C, Event Center in Munich from 20th – 22nd of September. More than 130 companies from 15 countries will show their novelties. The cinec, one of the biggest European events in the film industry, will be completed by an extensive ancillary programme. Of course, cinec focuses on the recent developments in the field of film shooting – the sector, which has undergone the most changes lately. Ludwig Kameraverleih will introduce two one chip cameras: the "Red One" and Sony's "F 35" as well as the workflow with databased systems. ARRI will present its own new development for digital cinematography: the D21. With the "SI-2K", P+S Technik offers a "complete digital 2K- recording system" for unlimited mobile use.

In the field of lighting technology, California Sunbounce will demonstrate two innovations, which have recently received an award: "Micro-Mini" and "Flash-Bracket". Lightequip will display the "Apollo RightArm Pro",, a compact single arm yoke device, which makes complicated and tedious lighting a thing of the past. With the "DLH650PODMX", Dedo Weigert offers pole operated tungsten light heads with DMX control.

The producers of film equipment are also eager to innovate. Panther now demonstrates the "Twister"-Dolly, which was introduced as a prototype last time, incorporating further refinements and in its maturity phase. Glidecam presents the "X-22", a professional Camera Stabilization System. Betz-Tools shows Walter Klassen's new, ultralight "Carbon"-Camera-Remote-Head. MAT- Mad About Technology presents MAT-TOWERCAM, the remote controlled dynamic telescoping camera column, which can be combined with any remote-head. The system offers crane-like movement without a crane.

But also lighter equipment plays a role at the cinec: Kamtek describes its polecam for smooth jib arm shots as "the only portable single operator broadcast camera crane". Especially for documentarists, the polecam, with 1.5 to 6 meters range, provides new opportunities in the composition of pictures – it weighs a maximum of 20 kg and can be rigged without tools in just ten minutes.

In the field of camera technology, many special solutions and further developments for the specific demands of the film industry can be found at the cinec. IB/E Optics, for example, designed the Borescope, a snorkel lens created especially for HD-videocameras with 2/3-inch-chip. Marlin, a specialist for underwater technology, presents the Udi, a combined navigation-, communication- and diving-computer for the wrist.

Service providers will also be present at the cinec. Stonys Garage in Munich offers to repair the complete range of products of all producers of lights and accessories.

Many of the novelties will compete for the "cinecAward", one of few awards worldwide which honors innovations in the basic field of film technology. The Bavarian Society for the Advancement of Film Technology e. V. (Fördergemeinschaft Filmtechnik (FGF)) will award prizes to the most distinguished innovations in several categories. An independent jury decides on the award, which is promoted by the Free State of Bavaria and the City of Munich.

In the seventh year of its existence, the cinec does not only offer products in the core area of film technology. According to its motto, to present a forum for the "entire film", the cinec is a diversified trade show: Cooperations with numerous national and international magazines, as for example the famous "American Cinematographer" or the German start-up-magazine "cinearte", provide broad and lasting outward effects.

The students and practitioners at the set will be addressed by cooperations with private and public institutions for further education, for example the Center for Advanced Studies of Film Technology at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF).

The professional associations like the German Society of Cinematographers (Bundesverband Kamera bvk), which work closely together as the "Bundesverband Die Filmschaffenden", and "Imago", the European Federation of Cinematographers, will introduce all the subjects from the daily life of production. Institutions as the Cluster for Audiovisual Media Bavaria, the location marketing and inward investment agency gotoBavaria or the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria (Industrie- und Handelskammer für München und Oberbayern) build a bridge to politics. Besides, cooperations exist with international trade fairs and events of similar orientation, as the Camerimage in Lodz, Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles and CPS Cinema Production Services in Moscow.

cinec's wide spectrum variety is also underlined by the extensive ancillary program on all days of the show. It provides not only a forum for pure technology, but also for basic questions, foresights and exchange of ideas across all sectors of the film industry. Here, the advantage of the numerous partnerships is also clearly visible.

In Sunday's cinecForum "The Future of Cinematography", a wide range of subjects will be treated: It varies from economic aspects of the film industry, quality of data and electronic film shooting to the latest innovations in lighting technology and today's trendy topics 3 D-Cinema and Digital Projection. HFF Munich provides the possibility for testing with a camera set.

Monday is "archiving day": Metadata, the possibilities of storage, formats of recording for HDTV and the migration of data as well as the long-time-archiving of digital data and photochemical material are the key aspects for the discussions and presentations. On the same day, matters which are supposed to appeal especially to the cinec youngsters will be on the agenda. The MedienCampus Bayern e. V., which promotes and co-ordinates media education and training in Bavaria, will inform young attendees of the trade show about the various possibilities of education in the film industry. Matching the motto of the show, "The Future of Cinematography", a day of information for the media youngsters will take place and inform about the ways of education for filmmakers on Monday, 22nd September. Subject: "I want to be in the film business – reality beyond dreams and romance as it is presented in cinemas".

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