2008 Wenzhou Sugar&Liquor Commodities Fair

From October 20 to November 2, 2008 Wenzhou Sugar&Liquor Commodities Fair will be held in Wenzhou International Exhibition Center. The sponsors of the fair are China National Light Industry Information Center, China National Association For Liquor Circulation, Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce and China Win-Win Group Co., Ltd. It's the first time for Wenzhou to hold the fair.

In the first quarter of 2008, the sales of liquor, foods and consumable increased dramatically. The total amount of retails of these were 24.975 billion yuan. In recent years, baijiu, wine and other varieties of wines entered Wenzhou quickly. At the same time, beverage and edible oil market of Wenzhou attracted foreign and domestic dealers' attention. According to the statistics, sales of French Castel wines were 500 million yuan in 2007, accounting for one third of Chinese market. It's no doubt that sugar&liquor, edible oil and olive oil have large potential in Wenzhou market.

The sorts of the fair include liquor, beverage, edible oil, food industry facility and so on. The fair aims to promote enterprises' brand image and enlarge the trade channels. It offers good opportunities to participators to find suitable partners.

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