JAA Australian Jewellery Fair

In an Australian first, the JAA Australian Jewellery Fair will display the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of legendary and famous diamond masterpieces. Proudly presented by Jeweller magazine, this unique collection titled, World Famous Diamonds: a Collection of Masterpiece Replicas will be displayed in a specially designed pavilion at the Sydney fair, September 7 9 2008, Sydney Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour.

Far from the common collections of look-a-likes, this collection is the result of twenty five years of painstaking research to ensure each piece was duplicated to perfection. So extensive was the research compiled that it has proved many historical beliefs about the stones false.

The full extent of each stone's beauty, individuality and brilliance will be truly appreciated by those that visit the pavilion to see the thirty-piece collection which includes some of the most famous diamonds of all: The Tiffany, The Hope, The Koh-I-Noor, The Cullinan and The Star of Africa.

One of the oldest known and highly desired diamonds in the world and the most famous piece in this collection is the Koh-I-Noor. Thought to have been found over 5000 years ago, the original stone was so captivating and mesmerising that it has passed through the hands of moguls, emperors, Sikh kings and British queens some of which thought, 'whoever owned the Koh-I-Noor ruled the world'.

Before the Koh-I-Noor was handed to the Queen of England in 1849, two plaster casts were made of the 189-carat diamond. In 2006, for the very first time, one of those plaster casts was sought from The Natural History Museum of London. It was then x-rayed and scanned in Belgium to produce the perfect replica that now resides in the collection that will be on display at the Sydney JAA Australian Jewellery Fair.

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