The European Higher Education Fair

In February, the European University Association, the German Academic Exchange Service and the Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education, were selected by the European Commission to establish an EU-Asia Higher Education Platform for European and Asian academics and policy makers.

The Consortium is pleased to announce details of the project's first event: the European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) New Delhi, India, that will take place from 12-14 November 2008.

Mirroring a successful series of EU-funded fairs that have been taking place over the past two years, two additional EHEFs are going to take place in Asia 2008-2009. The EHEFs aim to increase the attractiveness of Europe as a study and research centre for excellence. The fairs provide a platform for representatives of national structures and higher education institutions (HEI) from all 27 EU Member States. The fair will give students and parents the opportunity to collect valuable information about the broad range of study opportunities available in Europe.

The event in India will also include an India-EU Higher Education Symposium addressing EU-Indian higher education policy and cooperation issues and aiming to strengthen Europe's economic and cultural presence in Asia and vice-versa, to enhance mutual awareness and to contribute to the further development of EU-Asian cooperation in the field of higher education. It will provide a platform for high-level dialogue between government officials, senior managers and policy makers from India and Europe and representatives from higher education institutions and academic networks.

Mr JŠn Figel', EU Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth will be present to inaugurate the EHEF New Delhi 2008 and to participate in the India-EU Higher Education Symposium.

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