MOTEK The Original With More Than 1000 Exhibitors

The market cannot be corrupted the market has spoken again! The 27th MOTEK international trade fair for handling and assembly technology will set new standards in 2008 as well. Precisely 1003 exhibitors from 20 countries around the world have registered to participate. If we count the 77 "complementary" exhibitors currently registered to exhibit at the BONDexpo trade fair for industrial bonding technology, which will take place at the same time as MOTEK and is more or less integrated into its process sequence, the two industry events will break the 1200 mark for the first time ever in 2008. Genuine synergy effects are the driver for this "double-header", which presents itself as a practical process solution in the form of either subsystems or complete systems.

The unique MOTEK mix consisting of components, assemblies, subsystems and complete systems is once again captivating exhibitors as well as expert visitors. Nowhere else do the most important industry sectors from the fields of production and assembly automation, namely assembly technology and industrial handling, present themselves in such a comprehensive fashion to the international market. From technologies to process solutions, from components to subsystems and complete systems, and from simple handling equipment right on up to industrial robots the number one industry meeting place will present expert visitors with everything which is appropriate, and above all advantageous, for efficient production and assembly.

Where else, if not at MOTEK, can expert visitors find out how to create practical, complete solutions from special components both in theory and in practice? You won't find any dancing robots here, but multi-axis coordinate systems integrated into subsystems and complete systems, SCARA robots and industrial robots will abound! A robot can only be transformed into a productive handling system by equipping it with grippers, feed systems and image processing technology, and by consistently linking it to material flow facilities. Finally, the robot's universal performance characteristics are not just documented at MOTEK by means of simulated motion sequences, but rather by integrating them into exemplary systems or subsystems which reflect reality in actual practice.

In addition to this, the distinctive MOTEK mix also includes a supplementary information package which consists of the time tested MOTEK exhibitor forum, the MOTEK expert conference which has been well established for a number of years and is always anticipated with great enthusiasm, and, since last year, the international "Understanding Mechatronics" forum. The 27th MOTEK and the 2nd BONDexpo will occupy pavilions 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9, as well as 6 and 8 this year, and thus currently fill up 72,000 square metres of overall exhibition floor space.

With reference to the number of exhibitors or participating companies, as well as booked floor space, MOTEK alone and to an even greater extent together with BONDexpo undisputedly, and by far, takes first place in the world rankings for "automation trade fairs" (with twice as many exhibitors as events of a similar nature). These facts, as well as the high percentage of manufacturers and suppliers from outside of Germany and the large numbers of expert visitors from all of the world's industrialised nations and threshold countries, substantiate the great importance placed upon MOTEK as a leading trade fair as seen from an international viewpoint.

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