SMM 2008 – 23rd International Shipbuilding Fair

More than at any of the previous events, the SMM 2008 will be a showcase for technologies that combine good business sense with good environmental policy. "Cutting fuel consumption also cuts emissions" is the simple principle followed by the makers of engines and transmissions, automation and navigation systems. Their innovative developments will be very much at the focus of the SMM, in a context of steep rises in energy prices. Some 45,000 trade visitors are expected, and a record participation of more than 1,800 exhibitors from over 50 nations, including all the leading maritime industry companies. They will make this event, the 23rd shipbuilding, machinery & marine technology, international trade fair hamburg, from 23 to 26 September, the industry's most important event of the year.

The leading marine engine manufacturers in Halls A3/A4 at the SMM will include top names such as Wärstilä, Volvo Penta and others. They will bring with them innovations that excel with better performance, fewer emissions, and optimised electronic controls.

And there are plenty of new developments on the way, for example in common rail technology. MAN will present their 48/60 CR engine in the common-rail version compatible with heavy oil – a first at the SMM 2008. They will also launch the new medium-speed 1000 rpm engine 28/33 D, and exhibit their new axial turbocharger in VTA technology (Variable Turbine Area), adapting turbocharger output precisely to the combustion air needs of the engine. Another new MAN development is the safety and control system SaCoSone, installed directly on the engine and no longer accommodated in the switchgear cabinet.

The Tognum company (MTU) are making a new diesel engine developed on the basis of the proven module concept, and equipped with common rail and new control electronics. Just in September last year, MTU launched the new generation of the 4000 series, with common-rail diesel engines in an output range between 1,920 and 4,300 kW, for yachts in the over-25 metre class. They will also demonstrate their system competence in propulsion technology with a new CODAD model (Combined Diesel and Diesel) with two 8000 series engines, and two gas turbines.

Caterpillar will present their experience with the first practical trials of the MaK M43 Low Emission Engine (LEE) on the chemical carrier "Fure West". They also have a conversion kit with Flexible Camshaft Technology (FCT) for retrofitting MaK engines to comply with the IMO II regulations or the DNV Clean Design standard. The two brands Cat and MaK will also put production capacity expansion right at the centre of their SMM presentations.

ABB Oy of Finland will bring the next generation of azipods to the SMM 2008. The development focus of the company is on "safety, environment, reliability, quality and cost-effective operation, low-cost manufacture, installation and maintenance, " says a company spokesperson – pinpointing precisely the goals that users want to achieve.

Innovations are also expected in ship control and navigation systems, for improvement of safety and economics of shipping operations. Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine will present their integrated bridge system Visionmaster FT with a new function called Performance Based Navigation, for direct satellite link between the vessel and the shipping company. That is intended to provide more effective route planning, maintenance management, etc.

Safety and security of the ship is to be enhanced by Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) integrated in the bridge. It provides camera monitoring even for those parts of the ship which are hard to supervise, transmitting the images to the bridge monitor. Split-screen technique is used to show the images of the CCTV cameras in the interactive information area on the monitor, which can simultaneously show chart functions and radar images.

SAM are bringing an innovative switchgear system to the SMM 2008, featuring complete process monitoring of the entire shipboard power supply structure, with visualisation by means of touchscreen technology. Kelvin Hughes have new achievements to show, with the innovative SharpEye, the first solid-state system to have obtained type approval.

The SMM 2008 will take place at the Hamburg Fair site from 23 to 26 September 2008, with more than 1, 800 companies from over 50 nations presenting the latest developments from all areas of the maritime industry. More than 45,000 trade visitors are expected from over 100 countries.

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