Riga Food 2008

This year from September 3 to 6 in the International Exhibition Centre in Kipsala already 13th international exhibition of food, beverages, food processing, technologies, packaging, catering, hotel and shop equipment, and service Riga Food 2008 will take place. For the moment already more than 400 companies from 25 countries of the world have applied for participation in the exhibition.

This year in the exhibition will be placed national collective stands from Germany, German states of Brandenburg and Rheinland-Pfalz, Italy, Denmark, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Sri Lanka, Belgium, France and Sweden.

During the exhibition will take place meeting of the European Union officials and ministers of agriculture, as well as delegation from Moscow government will visit the exhibition.

For participation in the exhibition "Riga Food 2008" have applied food and beverage producers from Latvia that regularly participate in the exhibition – "Rīgas Piensaimnieks", "Valmieras Piens", "Daugava DK", "Lāči", "Pure Food", "Druvas Pārtika", "Rozula", "Premi Food", "Venden", "Grāvendāle", "Iecavnieks", "Saldus pārtikas kombināts", "Velte L", "Lienama Alūksne", "Kronis", "Mandor Rīga" and others. In the exhibition will also be producers and dealers of alcoholic drinks that have been taking part in "Riga Food" already for several years – "Veta", "Zilaiskalns", "L.I.O.N". Novelty in the exhibition – a producer of biological teas from Latvia "Joy Fitness", a producer of canned fish "Premi Food", a meat processing company "Legira", "Markol", "Siera ražotne", a trader of oils, vinegar and alcohol "Vom Fass", "Salas zivis" and other Latvian and foreign companies.

In the exhibition will also be represented such food industry professional associations as the Latvian Beer Brewers Association, the Bakers Union of Latvia, the Dairy Central Committee and the Latvian Association of Biological Agriculture.

Such foreign enterprises as "Wimm Bil Dan" from Russia, "Feinkost Dittmann" from Germany, "Da Vinci Food", "Polven" and other are taking part in the exhibition not for the first time.

The "Riga Food" section for foodstuffs and beverages will present new foreign participants – the meat processing enterprise "Karol" from Poland, the manufacturer of ice cream and ice cream production equipment "Lust auf Eis" from Germany, "Nachprod" from Russia, "Svenska BioForce" from Sweden, meat, tinned products and cheese manufacturer "A.Arutyunyan" from Estonia, "Albert de Montaubert" from France that offers elitist cognac and armagnac, "Sokolado Namai" from Lithuania and other.

For the hotel facilities section already have applied "Baltic Hospitality Group", "Latsat, "BBC Pluss", "Brio Engineering", "Prāna Ko", "Merkurita", "Materm" from Latvia, "Go In" from Germany, and for the first time – "Previa EM" and "B.P.P. Tirdzniecība" from Latvia, as well as other companies – approximately 20 companies in total.

Public catering and trade equipment section is represented by folloving traders from Latvia – "Brio Engineering", "Elmarks", "Faro Packing", "Noliktavu Pasaule", "NR Data", "Monilaite Thomeko", "Multivac Thomeko", "UCS", "Kuma CR", "WMT Baltic", "Crema", "Inkomercs-K", "Global Coffee", "BBC Pluss", "Astro", "Ausek", "Eventy", "TRI-BIO", "Metos", "Rolviks", "Rostul", "Sateks-R", "Finnrīga", "Dieta", "Top Serviss", "Espresso Nams", "Avers Centrs", "Horeca".German companies "VKF Renzel" and "Go-In" will also participate. For the first time in the exhibition companies "UCS", "TRI-BIO", "Lattos", "DG Trading Group", and "Gecko" will represent Latvia.

For the packaging industry section already have applied 30 companies from 11 countries – "Aimaks", "Schoeller Arca Systems", "Brio Engineering", "E-Bags", "Elmarks", "Faro Packing", "Mežuļi", "Noliktavu pasaule", "NR Data", "Papīra iepakojuma fabrika", "Monilaite Thomeko", "Multivac Thomeko", "Tipo print", "Umsc Europe", "UCS", "Kuma CR", "WMT Baltic" from Latvia, "Dispak" from Estonia, "Drink Consult", and "Jomet Oy" from Finland, "Troitsk Paper Plant" from Russia, "Norbert Schaller GmbH" from Austria, "Kronen GmbH" from Germany, "Pcontour" from Switzerland, "Rosanpak" from Ukraine, and others.

For section "Riga Food Technology and Ingredients" have applied more than 30 companies – "Peruza", "Neroli Met", "Multivac Thomeko", "Faro Packing", "Elmarks", "Raugs un citas preces", "Gourmet Studio", "Rolviks", "Dieta", "Uldis Biķernieks", "Jamar", "Fluido", "Forintek Baltija", "Flowcrete" from Latvia, "Plastena" and "Technolitika" from Lithuania, "Norbert Schaller GmbH" from Austria, "Kronen GmbH" from Germany, "Drink Consult" and "Jomet Oy" from Finland, "Ekomex" from Poland, "Pcontour" from Switzerland, and others.

It is significantly that exhibition "Riga Food 2008" is among exhibitions, supported by Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia, included in official lists of many foreign countries also in the list of events supported by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture.

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