The “European Team Coffee Challenge”At Triestespresso Expo

The TriesteEspresso Expo, organized by Fiera Trieste in collaboration with the Caffè Trieste Association and scheduled for 13 to 15 November 2008, is almost sold out, even though the 2008 edition of TriesteEspresso Expo opens officially on the afternoon of 12 November at the Stazione Marittima (sea station) with a seminar on "Il mercato mondiale ed il futuro della produzione caffeicola" (The world market and the future of coffee-growing), where participants will be producers of green coffee as well as distinguished speakers.

The diary date, which has enjoyed commendation from Internazionale, is a world reference point for all components of the supply chain. Leading international producers will have over 8,000 m2 of exhibition space available.

After Dublin in 2006 and Moscow in 2007, the TriesteEspresso Expo is to host the third edition of the ETCC - European Team Coffee Challenge (European championship of baristas in teams). The official event of the SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) is organised on this occasion, with the collaboration of "9 Bar".

The event has been conceived to create a further showcase of coffee culture, encourage cooperation and development between countries of Europe, share cultural and social experience, as well as to provide an opportunity for friendly and entertaining competition.

The European Team Coffee Challenge will take place alongside the 4th TriesteEspresso Expo from 13 to 15 November in Pavilion H (800 m2) of the Fiera di Trieste. During the opening hours of the event (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.), public workshops will be organised and presented by the event sponsors; these will range from selection of green coffee, roasting, and transformation of coffee into its various drinks. The teams of professional baristas from across Europe will participate in the workshops, and at the end of each session will take part in the various competitions.

The competitions will cover selection, roasting, and preparation of espresso and cappuccino coffees, as well as the use of the espresso to create innovative drinks and coffee-based dishes.

What's new in the 2008 edition is the presence in each team of a chef, whose role will be to apply their own abilities in order to bring out the skills of the professional baristas. The teams will also be trying their hands at using steam machines from the early twenties.

The events dedicated to the teams and sponsors of the European Team Coffee Challenge will also have the function of creating further ways for bringing all participants together, enabling them to enjoy coffee-based aperitifs and visit some of the city's favourite restaurants.

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