Igedo Fashion Fairs Düsseldorf

With cautious consumers, sluggish sales, full warehouses and lowered limits, the retail needs to give strong impulses in order to reanimate consumers. Today more than ever, trade fairs such as the Igedo Fashion Fairs Düsseldorf offer a powerful platform for learning about current trends, discovering developments, gathering inspiration and giving stimuli. As a leading trade fair for women's and menswear, body, beach and legwear and accessories, the Igedo Fashion Fairs Düsseldorf - consisting of the four fashion fairs CPD, HMD, Body Look and Global Fashion will provide the necessary impulses. The organizer Igedo Company expects approximately 1,750 exhibitors and collections to present the trends of the coming spring/summer season 2009 from July 27 - 29, 2008 at the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany. In addition, several hundred labels will present themselves in the 900 showrooms in the city.

The approximately 100 new exhibitors will include Expresso, Art & Business, MDC Sportswear, Lanius, Peppercorn, Oxmo, Monique Leshman, Remei, Errorist, Kymare and Banana Moon.

�Once again we have invested a lot of energy in international visitor marketing, because we know that the industry is currently sailing against the wind. Retail must not hide now. Rather, it should see the current situation as an opportunity and optimize its collections as well as its sales strategy, � explained Frank Hartmann, Managing Director of the Igedo Company. �It would not be right to hide the head in the sand because of the past months. Anyone relying on their regular suppliers now becomes more commensurable and with that less able to survive in a tough competition.

In Düsseldorf and at the Igedo Fashion Fairs, buyers find labels to upgrade their assortment and turn it into something special, something different than their competitors offer. With our clearly structured trade fair segments, we represent the entire market, bringing all important retail partners from the entire world together. With special offers such as our new Trend Zone, we hope to inspire retail and show it new developments.�

For easier orientation and shorter distances, the Igedo Company has designed a more compact hall layout: Halls 4, 5, 7, 9-11, 14 and 17 will be occupied. The Fashion Theatre will again be located in Hall 12, and the very successful Fashion Gallery will return to Hall 14.

An important key in the Düsseldorf concept is developing synergies for the retail. Buyers are increasingly utilizing the existing connection between the four independent trade fairs at the Igedo Fashion Fairs: buyers attending CPD also visit Body Look and HMD � and the other way around. Full-line distributors especially benefit from this compact and comprehensive overview in one location. �The buyers� time and budget is very limited in the extremely short ordering season. No buyer wants to visit dozens of trade fairs just to get a halfway representative overview. The need for a compact, cross-segment information and order platform is stronger than ever. We will continue on this path, � commented Frank Hartmann.

The Igedo Fashion Fairs are also strengthening their function as an export motor - especially buyers from Eastern Europe are increasingly travelling to Düsseldorf to place their orders there. The Igedo Fashion Fairs, along with their showrooms, are the perfect platform for internationally oriented labels to meet new customers. With its clear profile, the Igedo Company underscores its desire to be a reliable partner for the industry.

The ancillary program at the Igedo Fashion Fairs will include designer masques, trend shows, award ceremonies, informational events and parties. More than 50 shows and events will take place in the Fashion Theatre, on the Body Look show stage, in the Catwalk Caf� at the Fashion Gallery and in other locations at the fairgrounds and in the city.

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